Monday, November 26, 2007

Round Up 1

I seem to have amassed quite a few sites, so this week I think there might be 2 roundups. (woo-hoo)

I don't know how much energy this would save, but it's a search engine powered by Google that uses a black screen, aptly named Blackle.

I read a few craft blogs and it appears that softies are very popular with the craftsters out there. I have looked at so many of these and I really like Tamar Mogendorff's dolls.

I was looking for some information on St. Michael's Mount and found this list of tidal islands on Wikipedia. Islands have always held a certain mystique to me and tidal islands moreso. These tidal islands also have a bit of mystique to them. The reason that I was looking for information on St. Michael's Mount was because A. and I had a bet (we are always making bets with each other and then reneging on the bet-okay I end up reneging on the bet-There, I've said it) on the name of the castle that is on the BBC America logo. He was right. It's St. Michael's Mount I, who thought I was really up on my castle identification (love castles)guessed something totally different and no I'm not going to tell my ridiculous guess. I think I need castle flash cards.

Have some problems with coyotes? Check out Coyote Bytes. Apparently coyotes are becoming quite a problem in many areas of the country where they never were before.

I just think this would be a fun job. Maureen Taylor is a photo detective. I love when people are able to turn what might have been a hobby into a money-making venture.

I'm a candle nut and I was wondering if anyone has tried the wood wick candles. The Virginia Candle Company makes these and they have a natural wick made from organic wood. The wick makes a crackling sound when lit. I've read some descriptions that say it sounds like a fireplace crackling.

My favorite candles are Votivo, but I also like the Henri Bendel candles, in particular the Firewood. I have had mine for awhile and I just looked on Bath * Body Works website and they don't seem to have this scent anymore. It's amazing. Especially for this time of year. And speaking of Bath & Body Works-if you like scent the Tree scent and the Winter scent are incredible. I could go on and on about home scents. I am obsessed. I always have been. And I still can't believe that I didn't know about Yankee Candle tarts until a work friend told me about them a couple of years ago. Enough about this. I could go on and on.

Library Use Value Calcualator.

Once I finish the 3 knitting projects I've started I think I am going to try this one. Heck, I loved anatomy class back in the day.

Ohio State has a Cartoon Research Library. I seem to be more interesed in cartoons and comics now that I'm a mature lady than when I was an immature lady.

Oh, the money I could have saved on education if I had only known.

I've already started getting excited about the Christmas commercials that are already being aired. My favorites from last year were from the Tractor Supply Company (TSC). I was watching DIY over the holiday and they air TSC commercials a lot. I don't know who the creative genius is behind their advertising,but I hope they keep this team on. I still love my California Cows, but TSC is awesome.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” Mary Lou Cook

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The Laundress said...

Great post Libby,

thank you again for your round-ups. This one was a lot of fun.

Tamar Mogendorf is very impressive. I looked at the polar bears and thought, "gee those are cute but look simple... maybe I could do that?" Oops, then kept going. WOW! The pearls, the swans, the PEACOCKS. Awesome.

Never before heard of St Michael's Mount but now I wanna go there too.

Coyote Bytes is of special interest to me, coyotes are showing up in my midwestern community too.

Best of all: the knitted digestive tract. Good lord, all of that talent, so curiously applied. Fun site. Still smiling!

Best to you -- tl