Monday, November 22, 2010

Round Up

Did Snoopy ever have a girlfriend?

It would be fun to attend the Cheese School of San Francisco.

Rigor Mortis-literary zombie magazine.

Pancakes galore!!!

What fun-pine cone projects.

12 cool and creative calendar designs.

I just love this. Green Apple Books is donating any proceeds from Dubya's book to San Francisco VA hospitals. One of the co-owners stated that this is a perfect way to make a political statement about the book (and the author), and still offer the book to customers. The store donated proceeds from that Palin woman's book to the Alaska Wildlife Alliance. Love it.

Cool Morse Code necklaces.

Is your company's social media policy legal? Hmmm.......

Morton Hot Salt

Very cute double-decker dress shop.

And I thought cupcake trees were great. Now there are individual cupcake stands.

Purchase your shoes at Shoe Revolt-help stop human trafficking.

I think this magnolia printed on an old dictionary page is so beautiful.

Oprah's Ultimate (and last) Favorite Things list.

Have a wonderful holiday.

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice."-Meister Eckhart

Friday, November 12, 2010

Round Up

R.I.P. Belva Plain-I can remember all of my girlfriends passing Evergreen around when it was first published.

R.I.P. Eva Ibbotson-I didn't read her wonderful children's literature until a couple of years ago. What a delight her books are!! You simply must read the award winning The Secret of Platform 13. Yes, it does deserve it's own Wikipedia entry.

Audrey Niffenegger's wonderful picture books for adults.

Jeudevine Falls is for sale. I wish I could purchase it.

For all of you Francophiles out there-French-Word-a-Day.

The top 10 sidekicks in literature.

Oh my!! Some children have convicted Goldilocks. Let's see breaking and entering (B&E), theft, sleeping in someone elses bed-she should be sent down the river!!!

If you are someone who reads a lot of series fiction then you should peruse FictFact.

For those of you who are seeking employment, have you thought about the non-profit sector. Lots of jobs on

The "best of" lists has already started. Here are the best illustrated children's books of 2010.

A book that I must read is A Secret Gift: How One Man's Kindness---And a Trove of Letters---Revealed the Hidden History of the Great Depression by Ted Gup. The excellent blog Shelf Awareness has an interview with the author.

Everyone knows I'm a candle whore, and I've found yet another candle I think I would love-Cire Trudon. Of course these are ridiculously out of my price range, but a woman can dream can't she? More on these luxury candles. Even my beloved Votivo have gone up to $25.00-$30.00 a candle. Everything is going up and up except our depressed salaries.

40 things you didn't know about Tina Fey. I confess that I wasnt' a Tina Fey fan until her spot-on satirical portrayal as Sarah Palin, but now I think she's great.

Look at these gorgeous college libraries.

Handy, dandy cliche finder.

That's all I have for this week. Happy Weekend!!

"Do or do not. There is not try." Jedi Master Yoda