Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well, I am back. I have decided to post to my blog for a bit longer. It does help me think through thinks sometimes and I like posting the Friday Wrap-Up so I'll see how it goes.

To those of you that left such kind comments after my last post-thank you. I really appreciate that.

I was saddened to hear about the death of Octavia Butler. I am not a science fiction literature reader, but I have been a fan of hers nonetheless. She was one of the very few American women of African descent to write in the field. She was also the first science-fiction writer to ever receive a MacArthur Foundation "genius grant".

I ran into a woman that I used to work with the other day. After my intial panic at not remembering her name, we ended up having a nice visit. She was telling how people change and sometimes it's just not for the better. One of the women we both worked with is now her supervisor. And my it sounds like she has grown a serios "tude. I had to laugh when my old work friend remembered one of the things I used to say all of the time. " You never know anyone really until you work for them or live with them". I actually don't think you ever really know anyone 100 % anyway. Working for someone is totally different than working with someone or having a buddy-buddy work friendship. I still chat with a couple of people that I used to work with. I think when people leave jobs they realize what I have always known-Your commonality is that workplace, and all of the mind-numbing drama that the workplace contains. Once that is gone, usually the "friendship" is too.

Other than that things are basically the same. A. and I are still decorating the house, I am still looking for a job, and everything is fairly right with the world.

A. and I joined Blockbuster. Actually we had a free-trial for a month and now have decided to join for at least a couple of months. We have been having a ball watching movies and the Winter Olympics. I have decided that I must start an all female, over 40, curling team. I could not get enough of curling. I like that you don't have to be particuarly fast or tall or have to wear padding to participate in this sport. The curlers are located not that far from my home so I may have to check it out.

I love the Olympics, especially the winter Olympics. I could watch ice Skating and now curling for hours. A. likes the Summer Olympics because he is a huge track and field person. I actually enjoy watching both. I like that the Summer Olympics has a greater representation of the world's population than the Winter Olympics.

"Whining is not only graceless, but can be dangerous. It can alert a brute that a victim is in the neighborhood." - Maya Angelou