Thursday, December 27, 2007

Round Up

I hope that everyone had/having a nice holiday.

Did you get a Christmas sweater?

I have had an office and been in a cubicle. Oh, how I wish I had this when I was in a cubicle. I would have had way too much fun.

Here are the top social networks. Wasn't too surprised about MySpace and Facebook. To me Facebook seems to have a lot of uproductive applications. I've never used LinkedIn. It seems to be more for business or for those looking for employment. Supposedly LinkedIn is going to have its own platform and will not have some of the unproductive applications that are prone to other social networking platforms. Time will tell.

Nice way to create your own cookbook.

I have fallen head over heels for John Derian's decoupage. Check here, here and here.

Momspit-universal cleanser.

I think 2007 will be the year that I became re-interested in handmade goods. I spent so much time of the fabulous Etsy site, and purchased some wonderful items. I visit the Etsy Pick of the Day site, and have become an Etsyaholic. Kudos to you Etsy.

The National Gallery of Art's Collage Machine is fun. I think it's supposed to be for kids, but then, aren't we all kids at heart. (need Shockwave for this)

Steve: the Art Museum social tagging project.

Omnibiography claims to be the largest online directory of biographies.

Have a telephone number, but don't know the geographic location of the nubmer. FoneFinder can help with that.

Another interesting blog: It's Knot Wood.

I wish for everyone Happiness, Love, Peace and Prosperity for the New Year.

"As you go through your week, month, and even New Year, recognize the people who have packed your parachute and enabled you to get where you are today!" Author Unknown

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Round Up

Socks. I never give much thought to them. I have been wearing black, short Smart Wool socks for years. There was a time (back in the day) when I use to wear knee socks and thigh high socks. Because I'm outdoors more now I was looking for some thigh high socks and came across Sock Dreams. They have the most amazing selection of socks, all kinds of socks.

Since I'm covering feet, I thought I would cover hands. Look at these cute mittens made from recycled sweaters. These are available from BaabaaZuZu

Love, love to see what people collect and the creative ways they display their collections.

I must confess I was never a huge fan of the Planet of the Apes movies. I've seen a couple of them, but I just couldn't get into them. I use to work with a woman who knew all of the dialogue to the movies, and she would act out the different parts. She was too funny. Check out the Hasslein Curve-Planet of the Apes Timeline.

Something cool from my home state of Pennsylvania.

Metafilter's Ask Metafilter has birthed the wiki Read Me.

I once had thought of having a blog all about purple and its many shades. Someone is crazy about turquoise.

Looking for a private place for storing and sharing photos, video, audio, notes, docs, etc. Each is accessible only to those whom you tell exactly where to look. No signup and no account. You don't even have to use your email. Go to Drop. io.

2009 is the bicentenary of Charles Darwin's birth. A group will be launching a sailing replica of the HMS Beagle. They will be performing research both on sea and on land. Read more about on their blog.

All of you folks out there who are making toy purchases this year might want to visit the Healthy Toy Database.

Finally, a knitting and crochet community-Ravelry.

Hmmm, I wonder if there is a pear or lime museum?

I had never heard of the Keisuke Serizawa Calendars before. These were popular with U.S. officers' wives in Japan at the end of WWII.

Oh good grief, someone invented a snowman kit.
I think this is a bit ridiculous, but if they are going to have a man, then they need to have a woman kit. What's wrong with using some items from your home, get creative. When I was a kid we would use and old hat of my dads (he never had a top hat) and an old scarf, etc. Oprah even has a kit listed as one of her favorite things. Now come on O.

This will probably be my last post before the holidays. Everyone have a wonderful holiday. May your hearts be light.

"Backward, turn backward. O time in your flight, Make me a child again-just for tonight." Elizabeth Akers Allen

"What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace." Agnes M. Phar

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Round Up

There's something about the smell of bacon cooking that makes me want to give up my vegetarian ways. It really sets my mouth to watering. A friend of mine told me about a recipe, well not really a recipe, more a procedure that sounds delicious. You take some cooked, crumbled up bacon, mix it in a scoop of maple ice cream (maple walnut would be devine) and then put it over french toast. OH MY GOD!!!!!!

My elf name si Batty Monkey-Buns. Appropriate for me these days in so many ways. What's yours?

This is only relevant for those folks in the WDC area that take the subway and use a Smart Trip card. I purchased the card when they first came out even though at that time I only took the subway 1 or 2 times a week. I was tired of purchasing a farecard and then having it not work. Supposedly people's phones were wreaking havoc with the paper cards, but my phone was seldom on so I never understood how that was happening.

Anywho, I am now taking public transportation all the time, and I found out that these indestructable Smart Trip cards can get damaged. I dropped mine last week and I didn't even realize there was a tiny crack in the middle of it. Not until I went to add value to my card did I find this out. So yes, they can crack and mess up your whole day.

The Horticulture Society of New York has a blog.

I heard this toast over the weekend and thought, oh yes, this is a keeper. I've been collecting quotes and toasts for years and will have to add this one to my collection.

May you kiss whom you please
and please whom you kiss.
But love only the one whose lips
you would miss

Can't remember what number the lords-a-leaping are-Christmas Carol Database. And speaking of Christmas look at these 12 Days of Christmas plates. More here. I keep seening more and more 12 Days of Christmas themed items. I also saw some napkins with this them, but can't recall where.

I've been seeing the preview for the movie Beowulf a lot. I won't be seeing this movie, but I was wondering what other movies had been inspired by poems. Of course soemone else was also wondering and compiled a list. Another movie list-9 famous jewels from the movies. I don't know-Kryptonite a jewel??

I have fallen in love with these Chinese laudry tubs.

The snowman doughnuts are back. I'm waiting for some snow women.

This is different than I thought it was going to be, but the Curehunter Visual Medical Dictionary is a graphic display of words dictionary. Search for a disease or drug and the viewer will get not only a list of relevant results, but a technical definition and a drug-disease relationship network graph.

This years Pimp My Bookcart winners. Oh to work in a fun library.

Love these wooden birds. These cuties were designed by Kristian Vedel in the late '50s. They have been re-issued and are available here.

2 interesting Flickr photo sets. Here and here.

That's all folks.

"Santa Claus has the right idea; visit people once a year." Victor Borge

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


This is so cool that it's the only item I am going to post about. Lookybook. If you like picture books, then I think you will love this. As a viewer, you can actually turn the pages. I find this pleasantly tactile and could do this all day. All you have to do is register. Hours and hours of fun.