Monday, August 01, 2005

More on Dalas

Since first posting about the Swedish dala (pronounced daw-lah) horses I have become obsessed with them. I have always liked Nordic folk art anyway and I just love these horses. I have a Swedish goods catalog on my nightstand and I keep perusing it and marking all of the dala goods I want.I really want to order a whole herd of these charming horses.

I found more information on these thoroughly enjoyable equine. Here is a bit about the production of the dalas.

On another note today is August 1st, Lammas. Waverly Fitzgerald explains Lammas better than I ever could so read what she has to say and this evening break bread with your loved ones, sit around your table and make some corn dolls, and if you are like me, be glad that there aren't that many more days until summer is over.

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