Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Wrap-Up (2)

One of the things that I really, really, really liked about camp was making somemores. I also liked sitting around the campfire singing songs and roasting marshmallows. I loved to plunge that puffy, whipped sugar tuffet right into the flames. There was just something about the fire, the songs and the smell of roasted marshmallows. I don't think using this would be quite the same, but who knows.

I find it extremely annoying to have to register with the New York Times or the Washington Post just so I can read an article online. The Waterboro, ME Public Library has a wonderful site and they have always had logins and passwords for the Times and the Chicago Tribune listed on their library blog.

Bugmenot is a site created by folks who are also annoyed at all of this registration madness. All you have to do is type in the URL of a site that requires registration. If someone has already registered for the site, you can use their signup information to access the site. Cool!!

I have been perusing a lot of digital library special collections and one that I think is very well done is Ad Access. This collection is housed at Duke University's Rare Manuscript and Special Collections Library. The collection contains over 7,000 advertisements printed in American and Canadian newspaper from 1911 to 1955. I've been perusing the Beauty and Hygiene section and some of these ads are a real hoot.

I am not one for hot drinks, but every so often I like a nice cup of tea or cocoa. Many years ago I remember drinking rose hip tea and I did like it. Because I'm always so hot I remember thinking I wonder what this would taste like iced, but then I tend to think that about any hot beverage I'm drinking. Apparently there are all sorts of things one can do with rose hips besides making tea.

Everyone have a nice weekend.

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