Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yes, It's Real

This is being written to all of you rude people who feel it's okay to come up to me and ask me stupid-ass personal questions.

1. Yes, people. My eyes are green. My mother, father and brother all have green eyes. No, I don't wear contacts. Yes, black folks have all different color eyes. I guess you all missed Roots. Yes, folks they are real.

2. This is for all of the sisters out there. Yes, this is my hair. Yes, my hair has color in it. No, I don't use straightening chemicals, combs or potions. This is my hair-not a weave. Yes folks it's real.

3. Yes folks, these are my nails. No, I don't go to Mama Sings Nail Salon and pay a fortune to have tons of toxic chemicals painted on my nails and then wonder why mine don't grow. DUH!!!!! Rub some oil, any kind of vegetable oil will do, but jojoba oil is the absolute best oil for skin and nails, rub the oil into your nail beds and your cuticles-keep your cuticles pushed back and your nails will grow. Yes folks mine are real.

Nuf said.

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