Friday, April 24, 2009

Round Up

I want to make chocolate chip cookies in this kitchen, and sit at the table with friends and chat about old times with Nat singing in the background. (photo via the Kitchn)

50 Best Romantic Get Aways

145 Year overdue book (YIKES!!)

I just love this. The SAME Cafe (So All May Eat)doesn't have a set menu, you pay what you can afford for a meal, and you can volunteer to work there for a meal. More places like this need to pop up around the country.

Something that I just read about the other day are pet food pantries. In these difficult economic times pets are also in need.

Last week I was diggin' Lisa Hannigan, this week it's Esperanza Spalding. I have never been a big believer in anything religious, however I do think that some people are kissed on the cheek by the universe and end up having wondrous talents like this woman. She's got the face of an angel and incredible talent. And get this, she's 23 years old.

I wish this happened all of the time. I am always dancing in the car, so I would have defintely joined right in with these folks.

Ever since I saw the documentary about Grey Gardens, the dilapidated home of the Beale women, I became obsessed with reading any information I could find on Big Edie and Little Edie. I don't have HBO so I am going to have to wait until the Grey Gardens film starring Jessica Lange as Big Edie and Drew Barrymore as Little Edie comes out on DVD to see it. Apparently I am one of many folks absorbed by the Beale women and their riches-to-rags story. There was a Grey Gardens musical, and websites devoted to these two eccentrics such as Grey Garden News and Grey Gardens (the official fan site). There's even a clothing collection.

Sally Quinn, author, journalist and wife of Ben Bradlee former Washington Post executive editor purchased Grey Gardens from Little Edie in 1979. Here is an article with an acompanying slideshow about how Grey Gardens was reinvented.

So you are purchasing a gently used vehicle and want to know everything there is to know about the vehicle. Pay a small fee and access the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System Resource (NMVTIS)Center and find out the goods on your possible new-to-you vehicle.

I can't wait to see this documentary about Herb and Dorothy.

If you have a love of vintage clothing check out Clever Nettle's Estate Sale.

I so love the sweaters created by Design by Nihan.

If you are looking for someone to go birdwatching with you, you may be able to find someone at Birding Pal.

This is such a cute Paint-by-Numbers kit from Chronical Books.

Have a great weekend!!!

"We have to stop making the me decision. We have to make the we and us decision." First Lady Michelle Obama


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