Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Round Up

So sad-Domino magazine is , Cottage Living, and Mary Englebreit's Home Companion have all bitten the dust. One can't help but think there will be others that bite the dust in these very difficult economic times.

The Little Magazine Interview Cumulative Index.

Very cute cards.

Yes, Pecan. Ben & Jerry rolled out Yes, Pecan (play on the Yes, We Can) in January. All proceeds from the purchase of this ice cream went to Common Cause.

Excellent-a handy-dandy search tool to find out if your favorite peanut butter product has been recalled.

For those that prefer a wipe-Purell Wipes and Scotch Lint Removal Sheets.

Teal Toes-paint your toenails teal to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

If you are from Southwestern Pennsylvania then the Steelers was your team. I'm not a football fan now or ever, but even I could not help but get swept into the mania when the Steelers won the Super Bowl or the Pirates won the World Series. One of the items that every red-blooded fan had was a Terrible Towel. Here is a wonderful story about the Terrible Towel.

I love the Bookshelf of the Week over at robaroundbooks.

My vampire name is Marchioness of Moldovia. What's yours?

I am more of an Anglophile than a Francophile, but I love French General and they have a blog-The Warp and the Weft.

Oh, my beloved periodic table has been turned into a duvet cover.

I should have added the delightful Depression Cooking (Cooking with Clara) to my last post where I listed the You Tube Channels. Clara is the bomb!!

Save the Words.

Love the Fail Blog.

Some great pictures of the inauguration.

Food tattoos.

That's all for this week.

"Do you want to be the statue or the bird?" Frances Weaver

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