Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I might have two round ups this week. I have run across a ton of cool things in the past few days. At least I think they are cool.

As I am typing this I think I might have posted this previously, but what the hell. Lunchology is a very cute idea, and a great way to educate the kiddies. It just goes to show that there might be something that you do all the time that you think is nothing, which might be truly something unique and profitable.

Contrariwise-literary tatoos.

I stumbled across Skyscraperpage.com when I was looking for some examplse of Bermuda Shutters. Skyscraperpage.com is a resource for all of you skyscraper fans out there. Why there was a post about Bermuda Shutters on this page I don't know, but there goes the way of the web. By the way, here is a photo of Bermuda or Bahama shutters. They are hinged at the top and they are prevalent in the Caribbean hence the name. I think with global warming on the rise we might be seeing more of these lovelies. They can be more expensive than regular shutters, but will no doubt aid in decreasing energy bills.

If you are going to go all out for Bermuda Shutters, perhaps you are in the market for some new house numbers. I am sort of a stickler about house nubmers, as I am about any sort of signage. Honestly, you would think I was a graphics designer they way I tend to go on and on about signage. Anywho, I like these Eichler Numbers.

The peace symbol is 50 years old this year. Happy Birthday Peace Symbol. May you never go out of style.

If I were a bird I think I would live here.

If you are a fan of the magazine Everyday Food, as well as the Everday Food program, they have a blog entitled Dinner Tonight.

If I were wealthy would I pay $100 dollars for acake. First of all I like coconut out of the bag. I don't like it in anything. I know WEIRDO. This cake is from the chef at the Peninsula Grill in Charleston, South Carolina. What is it with Southerners and coconut cake. You can order, like I said, for $100 plus shipping. I saw the chef making this cake on Martha Stewart's show and it did look diving. And I've decided that even if were wealthy I would probably attempt to bake the cake or maybe go to the Peninsula Grill and try a piece there, maybe giving a companion the side with the coconut.

Do you still have a beloved stuffed animal from your childhood, threadbare, but still has a place of honor in your home. Alas, I no longer have Mr. Bear, Belly or the Pahs. (don't ask). Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz also have a love for their threadbare friends. They have penned Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories: A Tribute to the Threadbare Companions of Childhood.

Vox features research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists. Lots and lots of relevant information on from this site.

It should have been a no-brainer to me that Lorcan Demsey(OCLC and all around information guru) has a fantastic blog.

If you look closely you can see the salt pan homes where the salt workers lived. This photograph is of the Secovlje, Slovenia Salt Pan Heritage Park. Here is some more information on this unique way of life. Here is more information. Here is a link to an image of a close up of one of the salt pan houses.

That's all for today.

“A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.” Benjamin Franklin

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