Monday, August 25, 2008

Peeves and Stuff

Is it too much to ask that people show decent manners? I'm not speaking of exemplary manners or anything, just decent.

Why oh why do people blow their noses when they are sitting at their table in a restaurant? Get your behind up and go to the rest room to do that. Good grief!!! I don't have a weak stomach by any stretch of the imagination, but some folks do. Plus, it's just good manners.

I will be so glad when summer is over. Yes, yes, yes I do go on a bit about the heat, but I suffer more than anyone can possibly imagine. A. says if we could swing it financially I could go to Tuktoyaktut for the summer. Then I could fullfil my dream to be an ice road trucker.

I also will be thrilled to not have to see flip flops, people and their ungroomed nasty feet, way too much skin exposure and blasting car radios because everyone has their windows down. Also, I don't care what shape your body is in, women of a certain age should leave the Daisy Dukes to the young'uns. Nobody wants to see middle-age thuttocks. Of course, I also don't care for long hair on women over 30(your face and head seem to change, and the long hair makes most look too haggard) but that's just my opinion.

Also, is it too much to ask for people to say please and thank you. Since I am taking public transportation now, I see so much bad behavior. I also have seem people go out of their way to show politeness to someone, and it's sad to say, but I am always shocked to see good behavior. I heard that Usain Bolt, the just-turned 22-year old Jamaican track and field wonder gave $50,000 to the earthquake victims in China, and that brought tears to my eyes. I am just incredible touched when I see people doing good things. I sort of veered off subject here, but you know what I mean.

A couple of years ago I gave a book to a co-worker for her son who I guess was maybe 10 or 11 at the time. He wrote me the nicest thank you card that I will treasure always. It shows that he has good home training. These gesture mean something to people and I don't care if I am considered old school or not. Good manners, thoughtfulness and courtesy should never be considered old school and never go out of style.

My next bunch of peeves are under the heading of insensitivity. They are also a subtle form of racism. Here goes: 1. I am a black woman. Guess what? I know some of the things that you know and I know things that you don't know. So stop looking so shocked when I know what you now or have already been there, down that, or feel you have to explain something to me. I have an IQ way the hell up in the triple digits. 2. I have things that you don't have and I don't have things that you have. Don't assume!!! 3. No, I don't know every black person in Pennsylvania, my home state. I also don't know every black person with my last name. Get real folks. 4. Also, when you first meet me don't assume that I am a nitwit because I am ethnic. I see so much of that. Or don't expect much from someone because they are ethnic. That falls under the soft bigotry of low expectations so STOP IT.

I think I am finished for now.

"What annoyances are more painful than those of which we cannot complain?" Marquise De Custine

Marquis De Custine


Rhea said...

A great combination of rant and sweetness.

Libby said...

Thanks Rhea. Back in my younger days people always said I had such a sweet personality. I thought most of it had died.


AmeliaBee said...

A.Men. I must especially second the flip flops and the Women Past A Certain Age dressing like they are 15 again. You are not, and we know it.