Friday, August 08, 2008

Round Up (2)

Color-coded blogs: pink and brown love, the chocolate blues, and DecorGreen.

Army Archerd has a blog.

Singers Glen, Virginia certainly has the correct name.

The shopping site Mighty Goods has spawned-now there's Mighty Haus and Mighty Jr.

I love these Pyrex medical jars.

Bookgasm-reading material to get excited about.

I came across Titlepage the other day, and I am in love. Titlepage is a web show hosted by Daniel Menaker. Mr. Menaker interviews a group of authors and each show has a theme . I am such an author/poet groupie anyway, and I am having a ball watching the different episodes.

I was reminded the other day how wonderfully hilarious Benjamin Franklin's Dialogue between Franklin and the Gout is when I was reading the New York Times Paper Cuts blog. The dialogue is included in the August 4, 2008 post on the blog. Here's another link for the text.

The Smithsonian has a wonderful traveling exhibit Key Ingredients: American by Food. Check out the site. I especially like the American Cookbook Project.

This cookbook title cracks me up: Pork and Sons.

That's all for today. Have a great weekend.

"Would I write if I could?
Bet your glitzy ass I would."
~Hayden Carruth (poet)

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