Friday, August 22, 2008

Round Up

Please Save Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I confess. I think I may have been a bit to old for his show when he came on the scene of children's programming, but I still think in this day and age he has a lot to say to the young folk of today.

I am thoroughly amazed and captivated by this house, including it's totally appropriate name- Clingstone.

More places, like the federal government, should institute the 4-day week. I have been saying this for years. Better for the environment, more than likely better for the workers. I would not have a problem at all working a 10 hour day. As I sit on the bus looking down into people's vehicles, and yes I am still seeing loads of SUVs and even worse, Hummers. And guess what, most of the vehicles that I see on my twice daily commute have 1 person in their car. It just makes me want to SCREAM!!! Sorry, I got on my soapbox, but it just aggrevates me so. We talk a good game about the environment, but how many individuals and places of employment are willing to make the big changes. 4-day week and telecommuting are the way to go as far as I am concerned.

Index to Railroad Historical Societies. (yes, I like trains)

Doesn't this Chesapeake Hammock make you want to stretch out with a good book and a cool drink? You would think they would have used a Chesapeake Bay Retriever with this hammock, but I guess they thought the Golden Retriever was more photogenic.

If you live in or are visiting the Washington, DC area you must visit President Lincoln's Cottage. The cottage located on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC. I think most people call it the Soldiers' Home. Quite a few interesting tidbits in the 100 things list.

Also, if you have kids and live in the Baltimore area, and the Washington, DC area as well, you might want to visit the Kid Baltimore blog. This blog is full of things to do with the kiddies in the Baltimore area.

I love this. Calling all Frida's.

Cute idea for a kids party-Party Dotts.

I've been hearing so much about the wonders of bamboo charcoal, so I decided to research it a bit. Here is one article about this wonder material, and another, and one more article.

Martha Rich and Esther Pearl Watson are driving across the country creating a multi-media project on beauty. Their blog records their travels.

I like the products that Yellow Owl Workshop creates.

I 've been watching quite a bit of the Olympics and I have seen some amazing feats and also a lot of heart break. I feel that Nastia Liukin was robbed of the gold medal and that the age of some of the Chinese female gymnasts are questionable. Watching Usain Bolt, Dara Torres and Michael Phelps has been incredible. I'm glad that Misty and Keri got the gold again, but I am kind of tired of the way woman's beach volleyball is handled. I 'm not going to go on and on about it. I don't know what is going on with American Track and Field. Both the men and the women's relay teams dropped the baton-YIKES, which leads me to Olympic Torch designs from 1936 to the present.

This sounds like fun. New York City in the fall and books. What could be better?

I'm not a science fiction reader, but I have had friends that read nothing but science fiction. Here is a list of the essential science fiction books of the last 20 years. A list plus loads of comments.

TORCH, poetry, prose, and short stories by African American women.

These Springback manuscript binders rule.

Have a good weekend (39 days until my favorite month)

"Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement." - C. S. Lewis


Rhea said...

I work a four-day week and I highly recommend it!!

Libby said...

You are so lucky.