Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I was reading an issue of Utne magazine over the weekend. This was the Jul-Aug 2005 issue and it was devoted to sounds and noise.

One of the intersting factoids that I read was that Harley Davidson is copyrighting (or perhaps already has) the sound their motorcycles' exhaust/engines make. When I was reading this I was reminded of MGM wanting to or maybe they did copyright the roar of the MGM lion. If anyone has any definitive information on either of these situations please let me know.

I have always been interested in copyrights and I find the copyrighting of sounds very interesting.

The articles in this particular issue of Utne really made me think so much about sounds and noise. I have always been very sensitive to noise. I like peace and quiet and that's probably a deep-seated reason why I have always worked in some sort of library. I am extremely annoyed by loud-speaking individuals, lawn mower noise, slamming doors,etc. I really think we just don't understand how much damage we are doing to our hearing with all of this noise pollution.

I saw a photograph of Gwyneth Paltrow holding her daughter Apple. They were attending a performance of Apple's daddy Chris Martin's band Coldplay. You will notice that Apple is sporting a cool set of pink, noise reduction headphones. Very smart.

One of the articles in Utne was discussing what sorts of sounds people find appealing. They asked Utne staffers what sort of sounds they like. Of course I only need a small excuse to make a list so after much thought and deliberation I came up with sounds that I like.

A's voice

standing totally still in the woods while it's snowing-that whole abscence of sound is amazing (or is it really an abscence?)

children playing

wind chimes


geese honking while they are flying overhead

rustling leaves

wind blowing the leaves on the trees

wind blowing the leaves on the ground

wind blowing

the thud a big book makes when it's being closed

horse biting into a carrot or apple



tintinabulation-any sort,sleigh bells, but especially church bells (and before anyone starts getting on me about church-love church architecture, love the bells-don't want to go inside and listen to what's being espoused)

crackle of a fire

What are some of your favorite sounds?

"The sweetest of all sounds is praise."

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