Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Round Up

Yes, this is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there are oodles of ways to contribute, but this is one of the most ingenious I've seen. I used to have the laminated shower card, but this is even better.

On September 23, 2005 the American Film Institute announced the Top 25 Film Scores of all time. I agree with most of them, and was glad they have the theme to Magnificent Seven (#8) listed.

I've always thought it might be interesting to go on work field trips. You know rent a bus for the day and just go somewhere with your co-workers. As much as I hate work, I always thought this would be a good way to breed camaraderie. I think it would be a hoot to go here. Unfortunately, there aren't any in my general location, but it would be fun. is the "the U.S. government's official web portal". It's a fairly decent site. This was put up as an aid to Katrina victims, but I think it is very helpful for anyone who needs to replace vital documents

Trains, trains, trains. I've always loved them and prefer them to other modes of transportation (like planes). has a over 88,000 photographs and a really kick-ass search engine. The site can be searched by locomotive type, railroad, photographer, country or state,category or key word.

Your Daily Art blog provides a daily art lesson with images and a little bit of the history of the piece. Very cool idea.

I will admit that most of the time I feel horribly powerless to effectuate any sort of positive change in the world. Some days I actually feel that I can't even effectuate a postive change in my own life. Apparently the owner of So What Can We Do felt the same way so she developed this site. This public service weblog has a lot of great ideas of what we can do to make the world a little bit better.

I'm sure everyone has heard of Flickr, the personal photograph storage, sharing and searching site. In my wanderings I found the Libraries and Librarians section of Flickr.

That's all for now. Have a wacky, wonderful weekend.

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Karama said...

Hi Libby,

I'm so pleased you are enjoying So what can I do. There's so much we can all do to improve our world. Thanks for spreading the word about this opportunities. I hope you and your readers will stop by again soon!