Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Serendipity 2

I read a story about a couple in Cottonwood, Idaho (population 944) who have opened up a bed and breakfast. Of course, there's nothing all that unusual about that. Except that this bed and breakfast is located in a 30 foot wooden dog.

Dog Bark Park is the home of 2 gigantic beagles. Toby is 12 feet high and Sweet Willy Cotton is 30 feet high. Sweet Willy Cotton is the home of the B&B. His hind quarters house the bathroom (how apropos)and visitors can climb the ladder in Willy's nose and find a loft filled with board games and a sleeping area tucked away in his snout. I think it would be a "howling" good time to camp out in the big pup. Not ruff at all!!!

Dennis and Frances Conklin created Dog Bark Park and the B&B. The Conklins are chain saw artists. Their primary business was running an unusual gift shop that sold their chain saw cut wooden dogs. They got their big break in 1995 when they started selling their carvings on QVC. These adorable carvings can also be purchased from their site. They don't just carve beagles. Moose,cats,bears (oh my) and other dog breeds are all members of the Conklin's menagerie.

I really enjoy all sorts of poetry and love to attend poetry readings. I came across a rather interesting group called the Fisher Poet Society. I actually thought Fisher was the name of a poet that I had never heard of, but Fisher refers to well, people who fish. Yup, that's right. Fisherpeople (their site indicates "fishing-industry related people, but I like fisherpeople) get together and read their poetry, sing and have a great time. They had their 8th annual event the weekend of February 25, 2005 in Astoria-Warrenton, Oregon. The readings are recorded and there is a CD available for purchase (there's a point of contact on their site for information on purchasing). I love t-shirts. I wonder if they have one from this gathering.

I have always been interested in the many ways that information is presented. I have been collecting volvelles for quite a few years because I think it is an ingenious way to present information. The military has come out with The Iraq Culture Smart Card. These are given out to military personnel stationed in Iraq. These pocket cards contain information on Iraqi culture, language and customs. Even though I abhor war, any war, I do think something like this is necessary.

With two back surgeries in my history I am thankful that I can walk and have relatively little problems. However, there are some occasions when my poor, tired body longs for a soak. Not the usual bubble bath or Epsom salt sort of soak. I mean in a hot tub or even better hot springs. is the place to find natural hot springs. You can search for a hot spring either by name or by state. There are also maps and images of hot springs around the world. Ahhh!!!!!

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