Thursday, March 24, 2005


Well, well, well-people are stealing gas. Not surprised. I knew as soon as the price of gasoline went up, that people would start "acting out". My remedy-purchase economical, fuel-efficient vehicles. I personally hope that gas goes up to $20.00 a gallon. (I also hope that cigarettes go up to $20.00 a pack). Europeans have been paying what we would consider to be astronomical prices for gas for years. It annoys me to no end to hear some twit on the news complaining about gas prices and that same twit is driving a Range Rover. Good enough for ya!!!! Why do people feel that they need these "freezers on wheels". I grew up way before these abominations were invented and my 4 person family got along fine with 1 car and 1 truck. I grew up in the country and everyone generally had 1 car and a truck. And not these ridiculous, nose-bleed inducing high-ass-off-the-ground things. Just a regular old truck. We took the car on vactions, etc. and we were fine. Both of my parents worked and that is why we always had two vehicles. Yes, my dad used the truck for hauling garden supplies (we had gigantic gardens), etc., but he used the truck mostly as a work vehicle.

Perhaps it would be best if we went back to horses and horse and buggy transportation. I would love that. I have always felt that my personality is more suited to living on some small island where you only have bicycles and horse-drawn transportation. A place where a person could put on a good pair of walking shoes and do just that-walk. One thing that I have always tended to notice about peoples shoes is the way they lace them. I was reading about bunny-lacing the other day and I attempted to lace my shoes like that and believe it or not, the shoes that I have on today are much more comfortable. I found that I am not the only person interested in shoe lacing. Ian's Shoe Lacing site is terrific. Even the names of the different styles of lacing are interesting-Sawtooth Lacing, Over Under Lacing, Hash Lacing, Shoe Shop Lacing and Riding Boot Lacing are just a few shown on this site. Ian includes easy to follow instructions on how to lace your shoes in each style.

This UK site shows how to lace your running shoes according to what sort of foot you're toting around. If you have a high instep or narrow foot there is a description on how to accomodate your feet. Actually the first image on this site, the Loop-lacing lock, sort of looks like bunny-lacing. I think we learn how to tie our shoes in kindergarten or pre-school and that's it. I know that I have purchased a lot of shoe through the years and I don't ever recall being shown how to accomodate my feet. In my case I have a very narrow foot (was AAA, now AA)and my feet are perfectly flat. Yep, you got it-no arch at all. The shoes that I have on today are Ecco walking shoes that have never really felt all that comfortable. I love Ecco and I've been wearing their shoes for years, but for some reason this pair of shoes just wasn't cutting it. Just tying them differently has made a world of difference. Amazing.

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