Thursday, October 02, 2008

Round Up

This has to be the absolute best library parking garage ever. This library is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Oh, now the toddlers have their very own You Tube-Totlol.

Just in case you were wondering if there are any Sasquatch in your area-the Database of Bigfoot Sightings.

I'm not much of a pretzel or chip person, but it might be fun to try and see if one can make microwave potato chips.

Two cool wikipedia lists: List of famous trees and the list of eponymous laws.

These lists generally make me want to retch, especially with whats going on in this country. No wonder these people have no concept of what it's like out here for most of us-the 50 richest members of Congress.

Go ahead and send your name around the Earth on NASA's Glory Mission. Here is the actual sign up page.

Attention zombie lovers out there. You now have your own social media portal.

The University of Nottingham has created the Periodic Table of Videos. Click on an element and you will see a video about that element. Very cool.

Pick a genre of music and there's generally someone that I like. I never give much thougth to folk music. Oh sure, I know some folks songs, and some of the famous folk singers like Pete Seeger and Odetta and even Tracy Chapman. I'm saying even Tracy Chapman because I don't know if she categorizes herself as folk or not.

I was reading the summer issue of American Legacy magazine. The entire issue is devoted to music. I came across an article about the Carolina Chocolate Drops and now I am spending all of my time listening to them on YouTube. The Drops are an African American (Americans of African descent) String Band. Rhiannon Giddens, the only female member is a treat. This woman was kissed on the cheek by the universe and is an amazing talent as well as being physically stunning. She sings opera as well as a host of other styles. Listen to her singing this Gaelic medley acapella. (I'm having issues posting videos today)
If you are an Edna Lewis fan watch this short, charming video about this amazing woman.
"Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness." ~Maya Angelou, Gather Together in My Name

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