Thursday, March 06, 2008

Round Up

Don Diega de la Vega. Just say it a couple of times. Kind of trips off of the tongue doesn't it? I used to love to say that name over and over again. Don Diega de la Vega, or as some may prefer, Zorro was one of my favorite characters when I was a kid. Well, I wasn't really a kid. I ended up seeing reruns of Zorro (The Fox), the television program, with easy-on-the-eyes Guy Williams (born Armand Joseph Catalano) when I was older. Good grief that man was good-looking. I thought he was all that when he was Poppa to Will and Penny on Lost in Space, but put a man in black clothes with a flowing cape, give him a sword and a horse,-Oh yeah!!

Yes, I used to cringe at the use of Anglo actors portraying non-Anglo characters, and I'm thrilled that Hollywood has finally wised up and doesn't do that. As Sr. Mary Janet Ryan, one of my History professors used to say, "Students you must understand zetigeist to understand history."

Now what has brought back my memories of the oh so handsome Mr. Williams-the Encyclopedia of Television. Although sparse on entries,the entries that are there are well-written for the most part. Check it out.

I had blogged about my admiration for artist Tamar Mogendorff. Look at what she's up to now. Just love her work.

The D.C.Environmental Film Festival will be screening 115 films in more than 40 venues staring on March 11-22.

For those of you interested in genealogy here is a genealogy search engine and blog list.

Are you an Ayn Rand fan? Looking for like-minded individuals. Here is a social networking site that may hold some interest-Atlasphere.

Some of these bindings on the Publishers Bindings site are absolutely incredible.

A group has placed Thomas Jefferson's library, every book title, into Library Thing. I thought this was a wonderful idea and I hope they plan to place other noted libraries in Library Thing. Which reminds me I need to update my account with them.

The Boston Public Library has a wonderful online exhibit of John Adams' Library. Speaking of John Adams, HBO is airing a seven-episode miniseries on our second President, starting on Sunday, March 16, 2008. Paul Giamatti will be playing President Adams.

Read the story of two illuminated manuscripts Rose and Chess.

How about some architecture candy? Look at Chicago's Aqua Building.

When I was growing up we had very large gardens and canned a lot of what we grew. We also put a lot of items into the additional freezer we had in our utility room. One of the items that my mother made was delicious marinara sauce. She also made wonderful ketchup from all of the tomatoes we grew. I don't even know if bottled sauce was around back then, but we wouldn't have been using it anyway. That is probably why I am such a sauce snob now. Nothing is better than homemade.

Well, the other day I was kind feeling kind of lazy and I didn't have any more of my own homemade sauce in the freezer so I decided to buy a bottle. I had just read a magazine article where they had taken a poll and found out that one of the favorite marinara sauces was Victoria Marinara. I thought what the hell I'll try it. I was having a pasta craving so bought a bottle. It really does taste like homemade. It's delicious. Two of the other winners were Newmans Own Marinara for its super-thickness and the best organic is Colavita Organic Marinara Sauce.

That's all for this week. Have a great weekend.

"My sword is a flame to right every wrong, so heed well my name." Zorro

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