Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kids Stuff

For the past few days I seem to keep running into all sorts of goodies for kids so I thought I would share some of them.

I found two wonderful online magazines LMNOP and Small. LMNOP is Australian and covers a lot of cool items for kids. Small is another magazine that covers independent children's design,crafts, music and fashion. I spent some time perusing both and I must say that I fell in love with Small. Check them both out and see what you think.

I also stumbled across the world of children's music. Oh boy. It sure has changed since I was a kid. Besides They Might Be Giants there's The SqueeGees, The Jimmies , and dedicated children's music radio broadcasts. There's even a children's music radio station-Mighty Moose Radio.

A World of Happiness is a compilation of songs done by the likes of Debbie Harry, Tori Amos, Lisa Loeb and Lou Rawls singing the title song A World of Happiness. This cd attempts to send positive messages to children about treating others with kindness and respect and the importance of education and using your imagination.

Here are some more childrens musicians: The Dream Jam Band,Princess Katie and Racer Steve, Enzo Garcia,Frances England, and the wonderful Ginger Hendrix just to name a few. It seems I am always partial to someone with the last name of Hendrix.

William Avery records the Cool Songs Collection that are not only fun, but educational.

Two performers that I had heard of before were Ella Jenkins and Raffi of Baby Beluga fame.

A friend of mine has been talking about Parker Bent. Parker Bent is a preschool music teacher and he's recorded a couple of cds. Apparently his second cd, Charlie Davidson's Tricycle Club,is all the rage with the Hollywood set and their kids.

I know there's a lot I have missed, but I thought I would share some of what I kept bumping into this week.

"If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing." ~ Zimbabwe Proverb


The Laundress said...

Hiya Ms. Libby,

okay, you have given me way too many delicious links here! My only Australian kid group is The Wiggles (discovered when my daughter was a toddler, way before they became big news here) -- they are terrific.

I really like the For the Kids" compilation cds -- if you haven't heard them, check them out! Fun for adults too!

My single, all time favorite kids cd (which I listen to while alone in my car): Taj Mahal's Shake Shugaree. Love, love, love this disc!

Off to check out your links!

Libby said...

Oh my goodness I forgot about Shake Shugaree. I love that CD. Thanks for the nice memory Laundress.