Friday, February 22, 2008

Round Up

This incessant need of mine to know all the names of all the trees and flowers is still ongoing. I was looking for a particular tree name on the web yesterday and I came across Ten Thousand Trees. Gorgeous images of trees. Look at some of the older posts and check out the Ginkgo Tree avenue. Just gorgeous.

The Smurfs are 50 this year. Never one of my favorite cartoons. I never got their point and I thought Smurfette was probably a bit of a ho, you know the prominent female, high heels, all of those men. You know what I'm sayin'. Of course I thought the same about Snow White.

I can recall way, way back when I was attending nursing school in Pittsburgh there must have been a Hare Krishna temple nearby because I would always see some of their members walking around by the hospital in those beautiful saffron colored robes. I never knew that they had free lunches on Sundays or love feasts, and that they also do some catering. And yes they welcome believers and non-believers as well. (via Saveur)

On the way too work this icy morning A. and I were listening to NPR and Garrison Keillor reminded us this is the big Daddyio of the country's birthday. Yes, it's George Washington's real day of birth today. Garrison Keillor was relaying some facts about Big Daddy that I never knew. He bred hound dogs, was a snorer, had suffered from malaria, smallpox and a host of other ailments all by the time he was 30, and one of his favorite foods was mashed potatoes with coconut. Of course with teeth made from a rhino's horn you would probably like a soft, mushy food too. To learn more facts about Big Daddy you can visit the Writer's
. It's also the birtday of one of my favorite poets Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Red Zee-a new search engine. Love the mascot.

Just love these nature projects that anyone can do and make a bit of a difference.

I tend to tease A. about his ice cream choices. We go through ice cream stages where we seem to be at Baskin and Robins a couple of times a week. Then we aren't eating any ice cream for months. Now, I'm your sundae woman. 2 scoops of pralines and cream in a cup with some hot fundge and I'm good to go. Occasionally when I'm feeling pious I have 1 scoop of pralines and cream on a sugar cone. Now, A. he's your french vanilla or run raisin guy. French vanilla actually reminds me of my grandparents, but that's what it seems to be to me a senior citizens flavor. Then I do recall when I was an undergrad my school would do all of these different things during midterms and finals. They would leave the cafeteria open all night and have either cereal night (which totally did nothing for me because I hate all cereal) or ice cream night. I would then proceed to eat french vanilla with pretzels in it or maple walnut (anything maple is aces with me) with peanut butter in it. And I didn't gain weight with this. Oh, how I miss that metabolism. And what sparked this reminiscence. I ended up on the other day that's what.

Okay celebrity endorsements have always left me feeling a bit perturbed, but this yarn really through me for a loop.

Store bought cookies were never anything we had a lot in my house when I was growing up because my mother is a baker. Occasionally we did eat Oreos. I had seen Hydrox cookies in the store, but I always thought they were just a cheap imitation, a poseur so to speak to Oreos. Apparently the Hydrox cookie has been taken off the market and boy are people ticked. Here is a site dedicated to the Hydrox cookie, and of course there's a petition to bring it back.

One of the rock stars of children's literature (still don't care for that term) Jane Yolen has a online journal.

Okay, I must make eggplant involtini.

I recall reading an article about a woman came to America from Russia and she said that cried when she went into her first supermarket. She couldn't believe how much of everything there was. Not just a few bottles of shampoo, but many different types of shampoo, not just a few apples, but all of these different types of apples. She said that she was overwhelmed. And it's just not the products. It's the grocery stores or supermarkets themselves. In Southwestern Pennsylvania we have/had Giant Eagle, Shop & Save, Foodland and Kroger. A&P had gone out of business when I was just a wee lass. When I moved to the WDC area there was a whole new group of stores to learn. Giant, Safeway and now Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Superfresh, Shoppers and Food Lion (which I've only been in once). I love learning about the history of stores, and I found a convenient one-stop learning center at

Alex Prior-what an amazing kid.

Have a nice weekend.

"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe." - Oprah Winfrey

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I didn't know yarn even required celebrity endorsements. I like your line about that. Clever.