Friday, February 15, 2008

Round Up

Congratulations Uno the Beagle. You sure are cute. And the first beagle to win Best in Show ever. Woof Woof!!

Well, now he's done it. Now Bush want's to eliminate Reading is Fundamental. Please contact your respresentatives about this bonehead move.

I hate styrofoam peanuts. In fact I hate styrofoam. If you seem to have a plethora of peanuts and you don't know what to do with them, the Plastic Loose Fill Council can take them off of your hands.

If you are a fan of C Spans Q & A Series they have all of the past programs archived and you can listen to the podcasts.

Whenever I see scholarships advertised I always wonder just who are the lucky people that obtain these wondrous gifts. I spent hours filling out forms,etc. for scholarships for grad school and I didn't get a one. Well, yes I got one for $300. My classes were $800 a credit. Yep, very little help. Anywho, I've developed a perverse enjoyment out of reading scholarship offers. Here's a list of design scholarships.

I used to subscribe to Saveur magazine. At one time or another I've subscribed to quite a few of the cooking magazines. The Saveur 100 issue is the one that I buy straight off of the newstand as soon as it is out. Every year Saveur compiles a list of 100 culinary people, products, places and so on that were the best from that year. This sort of culinary detective work must be so much fun. I'm linking to the list without really looking at it because I'm only about a quarter of the way through my issue. I relish every page.

There are many times in my library career when I have thought I would love to be a cataloger. I still think that from time to time. I love records, and I enjoy the process of creating a beautiful, correct bibliographic record. Plus there's rules, and the anal portion of my personality needs that. The last few years have shown me though, that bibliographic records, catalogs and databases are just as arbitrary as anything else. Are just as apt to drive me nuts as anything and everything else in life. Grrrrr!!!!Just wanted to vent a bit.

Make a photo cube.

I could give two hoots about phones, but I do like design, and I tent to favor the phones from the 30s and 40s as opposed to the unstylish boxes we have today. I really like some of the phones on the Old Phone Works site.

L.L. Bean lets you design your own tote. Very cool.

Great gathering spot for tech reports, e-prints and preprints, The Virtual Tech Reports Center.

Shuttersisters-wonderful, whimsical website filled with gorgeous photography.

I can't wait to page through the new 8-volume African American National Biography. Here's an article about this tome.

Tabblo-a place to make cool things with your photographs.

Have a wonderful weekend.

"Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. And not to Democrats alone do I make this appeal, but to all who love these great and true principles." Abraham Lincoln
--August 27, 1856 Speech at Kalamazoo, Michigan


The Laundress said...

hey there Ms. Libby,

happy birthday, happy anniversary!

Hope you are well. I too, am a cataloger at heart!

Hooray for Uno, he looked extra-cute in that picture of his little tongue sticking out but curled up, eh? Maybe your guy would go for a beagle? They are the gentlest of dogs and very easy keepers.

Once again, a slew of great links to keep me busy. So far, I am most taken with the Shuttersisters, awesome site.

Wish I could make my digital camera even peep a little (battery dead, right now).

You should join the blog group called "Photo Hunt", themed pictures and lots of fun. I would LOVE to (but I do suck at photos).

Yours truly,
your laundress

The Laundress said...

ps -- get your man to go look at a litter of beagle puppies. There is NOTHING in this world cuter nor gentler than beagle pups!

Libby said...

We watch a little bit of the Westminster show every year. Last year A. picked the winner and as soon as he saw Uno he said oh, what cute, well-built dog. (ever the gym nut is A.) I had to laugh. And you are so right, beagle puppies are irrestible.