Friday, May 11, 2007

Round Up

Well, I feel terrible about talking smack on the Gilmore Girls last season. I"m sure you all have heard-the last show of the series will be on Tuesday, May 15, 2007. I had stopped watching it for the most part last year. I just felt the show's new writers weren't getting it. I started tuning in again this year and it seemed to be back on track. Long may the show live in syndication.

Check out this map of online communities.

I have been nursing my fascination with the Bayeaux Tapestry for quite awhile now. Look at this amazing rendition.

This falls under "what personal tidbit has fig newtons and scotch not shared with us. Could there possibly be more embarrassing tidbits to share? Well, yes there are. I am a groupie. I have been for years. I have read everything I can about the object of my obsession and have watched all of the movies where he is portrayed. And who might this be? Why, Doc Holliday of course. I have watched an amazing amount of Westerns in my time and on occasion I still watch them. They seem to be on when I am going through one of my insomnia spells. So you can just imagine how thrilled I was to find the Complete List of Old West Gunfights.

If you are a dog lover like yours truly then you are sure to enjoy The Daily Puppy. It's a hoot just reading the interesting names people give their pooches.

Roscoe, bindle, dust out, eggs in the coffee-do any of these words mean anything to you?

EurekAlert contains recent postings from research and scientific organizations.

If you were one of the many who sent your name to Mars you can look for your name here. Make sure you get your certificate.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there. Everyone have a great weekend.

Rory: Oh my God, I hate her.
Lorelai: Ah, me too.
Rory: You have no idea who I'm talking about.

Lorelai: Solidarity, sister.

Emily: Oh, well, thank you. That’s a pretty color. What is that?
Lorelai: It’s called Vicious Trollop.
Emily: Oh, stop it! Now why would you name a lipstick something like that?
Lorelai:‘Cause ‘dirty whore’ was taken?
Emily: You frighten me.


Rhea said...

I love the Daily Puppy site. My dog's on there.

Libby said...

Oh my goodness. What kind of pooch do you have? I would love to see him/her.

The Laundress said...

Hi Libby,

Fun compilation! My daughter fell HARD for those Gilmore Girls last year. Thank goodness the public library had all of the early seasons on dvd. Long waiting lists. They are so expensive to buy. She too, kind of fell away from the more recent shows.

The woman who recreated the Bayeaux Tapestry -wow. What a beautiful article, thank you for finding that...

Hmmm, not to surprising to learn you have a Doc Holliday obsession -- you are a woman with many interests!

Thank you especially for the Daily Puppy, going to add that site to my daily prowl.

Best to you!