Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Planes and Asthma Inhalers

500,000 asthma inhalers are going to be distrubted free to patients most in need. (via medpundit-my favorite medical blog).

I seem to keep either coming across aviation-related blogs or someone keeps telling me about them (thanks K.). Here goes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's Plane.

Atomic Movie Posters. (I know a wee bit off of my topics for this post)

Aviation Archaeology-what is this?

Bessie Coleman has an action figure. I should be ashamed to admit this, but I had never even heard of Bessie Coleman until I started working at my current place of employment 8 years ago. In the small town school district where I went we just didn't learn much about women or minorities. I remember when I was an undergrad and I wanted to take a black history course and my advisor attempted to talk me out of it -I was a history major for pete's sake. And why you ask did she attempt to talk me out of it-because it was being offered at the BOYS SCHOOL-eww cooties, germs. At that time Seton Hill College (now it's Seton Hill University and I've already commented on how upset I was about my school going co-ed) was all female and for some reason my advisor (yes she was a nun) didn't want us girls going over to St. Vincent's for classes. Not that I'm holding anyone, but myself responsible for my dismal knowledge of Black History. Sorry, I digressed.

Famous People Who Have Died in Airplane Accidents. I think what struck me the most when I looked at each decade was how many athletic teams, and I think one choir were wiped out in plane accidents.

Abandonded and Little Known Airfields.

Aviation Blogs and Podcasts.

"The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth." ~Chinese Proverb


The Laundress said...

Hiya Libby,

Crud. I need an inhaler TONIGHT. Turning blue again, chest hurts. Nasty stuff, asthma.

My son took a ride with the "Young Eagles" program last weekend, it is a fantastic idea. Free flights in little planes for kids. With enthusiastic pilots.

My little branch library has three biographies for kids on Bessie Coleman but only one (collective bio) for adults.

Kids are often better informed than we adults!

Anonymous said...

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