Monday, September 18, 2006


Making lists has always been something that I find very comforting and this week I could use some mental comforting so this is going to be the week of lists. These lists will by no means be comprehensive,but I will do my best.

Kingdom: Plantae; Division: Magnoliophyta; Class: Magnoliopsida; Order: Rosales; Family: Rosaceae; Subfamily: Maloideae; Genus: Pyrus

Afghan Pear
Algerian Pear
Almond-Leafed Pear
Austrian Pear
Callery Pear
Cacasian Pear
European Pear
Iberian Pear
Nashi Pear
Oleaster-Leaf Pear
Plymouth Pear
Sage-Leafed Pear
Siberian Pear
Snow Pear
Wild Pear
Willow-Leafed Pear
Ya Pear

Varieties: Alexander Lucas,Arriang, Atago, Autumn Sweet,Aylton Red, Bartlett, Belle Julie, Bergamote de la Pentecote, Beth, Beurre, Beurre Bosc, Buerre Diel ,Bosc, Callery,Chasseurs, Chujuro, Clapp Favourite, Comice, Concorde,Conference,D'Anjou, Conseiller a La Coeur, Dasui Li, Delicious,Doyenne Boussack, Doyenne d'Hiver ,Doyenne de Juillet, Durondeau,El Dorado, Flemish Beauty, Forelle,Glou Morcelle, Gorham, Green AnjouJargonelle,Hardy, Yosui, Josephine de Malines, Kaiser, Kam-Chun,Louise Bonne de Jersey,Kieffer, Merton Pride,Nouveau Poiteau,Packham, Olivier de Serres, Onward,Passé Crasanne. Red D'Anjou,Red Bartlett or Red William,Rocha, Saint Ghislain,Seckel, Shinko, Shin-Li, Shinseiki, Shinsui,Stark Crimson,Sweet-N-Sour, Thompsons, Warden,Williams Bon Chrétien and Winter Nelis Young San

Very cool that pears are members of the rose family.

I have never been much of a fruit lover, but I am getting a bit better. Right now I'm imagining sitting in the back yard on a night when there's some chill in the air, fire pit crackling, me sitting by the fire and sipping some nice pear wine. Mmmmm!!!!

"I had a little nut tree, nothing it would bear
But a silvery nutmeg and a golden pear;
The king of Spain's daughter came to visit me,
And all for the sake of my little nut tree.

Her dress was made of crimson,
Jet black was her hair,
She asked me for my nut tree
And my golden pear.
I said, "So fair a princess
Never did I see,
I'll give you all the fruit
From my little nut tree."
Nursery Rhyme


The Laundress said...

Hey there Ms. Libby,

Thank you for posting on pears. I love pears far more than apples as harbingers of autumn. Such lovely flavors and textures (much more diversity in the pear world than amongst apples!).

Your blog is still not displaying very well for me... dark background makes most text really hard to read! Will try at work on Safari, maybe that is the ticket?

Anyhow, lady, you turned me on to a few of my most recent favorite musicians and you clearly love music. Plus your links are always excellent.

Uh, forgive me? But TAG: YOU'RE IT with the Seven Songs Meme:
"seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now". Just supposed to list 'em, don't need to link to them.

The Laundress said...

Hello again Libby,

Now your blog is displaying just fine -- on a PC running IE 6.0.

I think it is my laptop not your blog that has display issues.

Looks beautiful!

Libby said...

Hi Laundress,

It seems to be an hour to hour thing. I went into Netscape just the other day to see if I could view my blog and geez-the background was super dark. I had gone into it the day before and it was fine. So strange. I'm glad to hear from you and I will list my songs. Thanks for the meme. Libby