Monday, December 05, 2005

Treehouses and More

Found these incredible treehouses that all of the parents out there can get for their kids. I should say all of the wealthy parents.

We played lots of board games when I was growing up and I still like board games and puzzles. I actually preferred Scrabble and card games, but I could also enjoy a game of Monopoly. For those of you that might need some more or extra Monopoly money Hasbro has provided an easy way to obtain some.

I was perusing the latest issue of the Garnet Hill catalog and found these adorable blocks. I wish they would of made cool blocks like these when I was a kid. Of course I still think Lincoln Logs are great.

Since I am a child-free and am seldom around kids I don't know if kids use or like chalkboards anymore. This adorable magnetic cow chalkboard is just too cute. They also have a dog and a cat.

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