Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Round Up

I want to start this entry by saying congratulations to Randal Pinkett for winning the Apprentice position. I don't watch this show because for one reason I'm not a huge fan of reality television and I also don't care for Donald Trump. The only reality television A. watches is The Apprentice so I usually here whats going on from him. So kudos to the first black Apprentice. This guy has 5 academic degrees and is a Rhodes scholar. Big brains or what.

Also I am so proud of Morgan Freeman for finally saying what I have been saying for years. Get rid of these ridiculous "history months".

And on a purely frivolous note- In my next life when I come back looking like Dita Von Teese (of course I wouldn't be hitched to Marilyn Manson) and have all of the money in the world I am buying every single thing here.

Now to the round up.

Bathsheba Grossman is a mathmetician and an artist. Check out her amazing metal sculptures. They are like 3 dimensional mandalas. I would love to carry the vorocube around in my pocket as some sort of talisman. Very cool. And I love her name.

Infectious Wearables creates has been creating unique, science-based products designed to promote awareness of important public health issues. I really like the human genome black teal scarf.

Oh how I wish Zubbles had been around when I was a kid. I used to love to sit on one of my swings or even better, the top of the sliding board and blow bubbles. These colorful bubbles are great. It took the inventor 10 years to come up with this science.

I'm not sending Christmas cards this year, but if I were I think I would have to send some of these cute cards from Bella Muse. Or these from Portion.
Cards That Give is a source for charity greeting cards.

Finally for more year-end lists than you can shake a stick at check out Fimoculous.

Peace Out

"Excellent day for putting slinkies on an escalator" Anon

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