Wednesday, December 28, 2005

OCLC and Foodstuffs

OCLC has updated its list of the top 1000 titles owned by libraris. WARNING-This list can be quite addictive. I am shocked and appalled of all of the titles that I have not read. Also, check out their list of related factoids.

Well, it's finally happened. There is now Elvis coffee. You can even get a monthly coffee subscription.

There's just something about this image that I find very amusing. It's just not something that I would expect to find on a carton of ice cream. This image adorns Air Force "Plane" Vanilla. Check out the rest of the Star Spangled Ice Creams.

Now most of the yogurt I've eaten has been made from cow's milk. This yogurt is made from water buffalo milk. Mmmmm!!!! I am going to have to try this. I'm a big baby about yogurt. I can't have yogurt that has any fruit bits, etc. It has to be blended smooth. This also has the good-for-you Omega 3 added. I just checked and it's not at any retailers in the WDC, Maryland or Virginia so it looks like it will be awhile before I can check it out.

Over the holiday I had the chance to eat some of the Archer Farms snacks that Target carries. OH MY GOODNESS!!! These are insane. One of the snacks that we tried was the Archer Farms Southwest Snack. The packaging is different; I like the current packaging much better and the snack itself was amazing. We also tried the Chocolate Drizzle snack and one other one that escapes me. I'll be headed back to Target this weekend to get some more.

"Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world." - Arthur Schopenhauer

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