Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Round Up

First off-I hate banks. Parasitic institutions that take your money and then place all of these contingencies on it as to when and how much you can withdraw and on and on. That being said whatever happened to the friendly bank where you could go up to the juvenile cashier and ask for some change, without being asked if you have an account at that bank.

I knew I was going to need quarters for parking meters so I thought I could walk into "any" bank and ask for a roll of quarters-$5.00 or $10.00 worth. You would have thought I asked for a kidney. I kept asking the cashier/clerk why do I have to have an account with your bank for an even exchange of currency. On and on and one we went until finally her manager came over and asked, "Mam, is there a problem."

By that time I was boiling so I told him, "Your bank sucks and stop calling women Mam-we don't like it!!!" and stormed out of the bank. And the name of this bank-let's just say Regis Philbin (what's his purpose anyway?) is one of their boring spokespersons. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

And BTW-once again-Mam is not respectful. Sir is respectful. Mam is just a verbal indication of a visual calculation that wrinkles are apparent, the girls are sagging, and the caboose isn't as high as it used to be so Miss is not appropriate.

Congratulations Malachy.

Carpets made from using Google Earth maps.

Star Wars pancake molds.

Larson Juhl-wonderful framing for needlework.

Compile your own cookbooks with Tastebook.

7 amazing green bookstores and libraries.

12 creative business cards.

Brief history of blurbs.

Internet Pinball database-I used to love pinball. And if you want to find a place to play pinball use the World Pinball Directory.

Fruity Pebbles Macarons.

These sound scrumtious: Sweet Potatoe Patties with Sour Cream and Chipotle Black Bean Salsa.

That's all I have for this week. Have a nice week and a wonderful weekend.

"I have sympathy for young people, for their growing pains, but I balk when these growing pains are pushed into the foreground, when you make these young people the only vehicles of life's wisdom. " Wislawa Szymborska

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