Friday, September 24, 2010

Round Up

I just have a few items this week.

R.I.P Barbara Holland-Endangered Pleasures: In Defense of Naps, Bacon, Martinis, Profanity and other Indulgences is a treat!!!

Origami napkins

If you live in the WDC area and are a food truck devotee please sign the petition to keep the food trucks in business.

I am beyond thrilled that it is finally autumn, but guess what? It has been in the 90's the past two days and it is supposed to be 96 today. Pesky summer with it's ever present blinding klieg light has to get in its last few licks. That's okay. Soon it will be my time of crisp air and walking through piles of leaves. Soon, very soon (I hope).

This skull pan certainly puts me in a good mood. This one too.

Who knew? Joan Lunden is now an inventor. These sort of devices bother me-always have, always will.

Author groupies delight-Book TV-Writers on Writing Videos-I may have posted about these videos before, but they are so wonderful they deserve a double posting.

Yum-carrot cake whoopie pies-I think whoopie pies might be the next big bakery trend, I keep seeing them everywhere. Cupcakes move over.

Online alarm clock.

Things made by prisoners-some of these were a surprise to me.

The National Zoo has new lion cubs. Too cute!!!

The Paris Review has a new website.

Pen names in literature.

If you like that new book smell-use Smell of Books.

20 brilliant bookcases.


Have a great weekend.

"We come back to autumn, to zucchini that wilt like witches shoes." Margaret Hasse

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