Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Round Up

Sad goodbyes to two tireless advocates for civil rights-Benjamin Hooks and Dr. Dorothy Height.

The iconic Hollywood sign is in jeopardy.

Have you ever wondered how to clean your box grater, you know without ripping your fingerprints off of your fingers?

Very cool bent objects.

The National Postal Museum has an online exhibit about postal inspectors. The museum also has a very nice blog.

Did you know that along with having a birthstone, an astrological sign and a Native American sign, you also have a birth tree? Mine is cedar.

Become a Project Gutenberg proofreader.

Sail Rock, Maine is the easternmost point in the United States. I think when I was growing up we learned that some other place was the easternmost point in the United States. Any thoughts?

April Davila and her Month without Monsanto project. This is fascinating. Here is her blog.

Woo Hoo!!! Cupcakes are getting their own television program. Maybe now I can go back to watching programs on TLC. I have been boycotting TLC because of all of their programs devoted to irresponsible procreators.

I so want to read Cartographies of Time by Daniel Rosenberg.

I think most people have heard of the Nobel Peace Prize, but what about the Right Livelihood Award. Read the list of winners or laureates of this award and become awed!!!

Love these passive aggressive signs in libraries.

Dog in Car blog-it's you know, photographs of pooches in vehicles.

The new archivist of the United States, David Ferrerio, has a blog.

Mark Twain's marginalia.

I'm diggin (way too much), Ben & Jerry's Cinnabon Ice Cream. I have also been making homemade fudge sauce to go with it. It's really just ganache that I sometimes add things to like Bailey's Irish Cream to add even more of a zing. After this pint is gone-that's it. I MEAN IT. NO MORE.

Bumper stickers for your shoes-why not?

Have a good week and a good weekend folks.

"We are, because they were." African Proverb

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