Friday, March 26, 2010

Round Up

My dream car: A 1961 Nash Metropolitan. It has to be these colors too. I have had a love affair with Pyrex measuring cups for years. I have them in various sizes and use them for all sorts of things. I spied this measuring cup with a digital scale in a magazine the other day. Also, measuring cups with lids.

Faces behind famous hands.

I was searching around on the web the other day looking for interesting paper clips. What can I say? I'm an office supply nerd. I came across the history of the paper clip. I like the paper clip gallery.

I was kind of ticked off about the short shrift Jean Simmons death seemed to receive. I was a huge fan of hers and I just found out the other day that she had died. I have this thing about nun movies and I loved her in Black Narcissus even though it was oh so racist.

I can remember seeing a lot of movies with my mother and her explaining to me that some of the themes in the movie(s) were racist. We both loved musicals and I can remember seeing Flower Drum Song with her and her quietly telling me that this is racist and that is racist. I used to know every word to every song from Flower Drum Song. Oh well, as usual I digress.

Also, farewell Mr. Phelps.

I love when I hear about folks helping out the pooches-Pilots and Paws.

Case, cases, cases-Caselogic

I just love the name of this restaurant named after a beautiful mushroom-Hen of the Wood.

Interesting sled history, and more on Morton sleds.

Recycle your kids baby clothes into a beautiful quilt. I don't know if they do this with adult clothes, but I would have loved to have some of my grans aprons and other things made into a quilt.

A librarian and his daughter bond over what else, books.

The difference between gray and grey.

Martha wants to teach us how to fold our napkins into bunny ears.

There's March madness, and then there's March literary madness.

Shaq's mom , Lucille O'Neal has written a memoir, Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go.

Oh my favorite Lapham's Quarterly has mapped some classics.

2010 is the Year of Cataloging Research.

Have a great weekend. I leave you with a host of golden daffodils.

"I do not want people to be agreeable as it saves me the trouble of liking them." Jane Austen

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