Friday, March 05, 2010

Round Up

Just a few items this week.

Last week I was channel surfing and I came across Daryl Hall and John Oates singing. I think I was on MPT2 or maybe WETA Create. They still sound great, but I must say, I miss John Oates' mustache. I was curious to the age of these two, so I did some investigating. I'll just say they are both in their early 60's.

I always loved their sound. I like all sorts of music and I am a huge fan of great voices. I might not be a fan of an entire genre of music, but if someone has the pipes I'm generally won over. Daryl Hall has a great voice and a nice range. I found out that he restores old houses in his spare time, has Lyme Disease and has a delightful online program, Live from Daryl's House.

Look at these clever pothole gardens.

Typo of the day for Librarians-love this stuff.

Ruth Kaiser is looking for spontaneous smiley faces. This is just too cute. See if you can find any.

Louis Armstrong's Red Bean and Rice Recipe.

Wouldn't it be fun to honor someone you love with a rose with their name.

Tired of cereal for breakfast, but can't think of anything else to eat. Check out Mr. Breakfast. What a fun site.

Gorgeous photographs of yummy food-Tastespotting.

How wonderful. The U.S. Navy has named a ship after Dr. Charles Drew.

Archer-so bad it's good. (The episodes are on Hulu)

Sharpie art. More art on Styrofoam cups.

Interesting article about compact literature.

"It is our choices Harry, that show us what we truly are, more thatn our abilities." Dumbledore to Harry Potter (books by J.K. Rowling)

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Hi. Ruth Kaiser here from Glad you like the project. Hope you find Smiley in your life.