Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Round Up

Happy New Year everyone!

The magazine The Nation's blog The Beat has an excellent entry entitled the Most Valuable Progressives of 2008. Great reading.

I've been reading about recycling different products of late, and it reminded me of when I worked at the EPA HQ Library over ten years ago, and we were trying to find someplace that recycled the plastic rings that hold a six-pack of canned soda, beer, yogurt, etc. together. At that time there was only one place that would take them and our whole office would save them and send them to this place in big boxes. Now I see there is a Ring Leader Recycling Program. This seems to be just for schools, but I am going to contact them and see if individuals can send them rings. Not, you know, one at a time. Who wants to be nickeled and dimed like that? Perhaps an individual could save them for awhile and then send them to them.

I hate those damn things. They end up harming wildlife, and that is a huge no no in my book. We tend to not buy items that have the rings, but whenever I see them on the ground, I pick them up and cut them into as many small pieces as I can and then throw them away.

Here is the information if you are interested in recycling Tyvek envelopes.

Delta Airlines has a blog.

Haper Collins imprint, Fourth Estate, has created the most wonderful video to celebrate its 25th anniversary. You may want to view it a couple of times to catch all of the covers. Make sure you have your volume on so you can hear the trippy music too.

I'm always trying to find the correct pronunciation of things, especially people's names. Just in case you were wondering how to pronounce author Joseph Finder's last name-it rhymes with hinder not binder. Also, I don't know how accurate this is, there isn't any attribution on the site, but here is how to pronounce NewfoundLAND.

The 2008 Falsies Awards.

Check out this toast messenger.

I'm a few days late, but look at this list of objects dropped on New Years Eve.

Interesting collection of government documents at government attic.

Big listing of the 2009 Commemorative stamps.

Is your city listed in America's Most Literate Cities? If not, maybe next year.

A list of the top 90 (yes, 90) design blogs.

Wonderful talk by inaugural poet Elizabeth Alexander about the very literate President-elect.

Sorry for the reason, but glad to see that more people are using libraries.

I'm sure everyone has had enough sweets and other goodies, but I thought this snowperson was just too cute. Nice to make them for a kids party with a limited amount of guests.

Have a good first week of 2009.

"A grapefruit is a lemon that had a chance and took advantage of it." Oscar Wilde

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