Thursday, December 11, 2008

Round Up

Allen Weinstein, the Archivist of the United States, has resigned due to health reasons.

This is fun and educational: The Spy Fact of the Day.

The Steve Leveen, the CEO of Levenger has a blog.

52 Books: A Year Long Reading Project (too bad I didn't find this at the beginning of 2008).

Top 10 Holiday Uses for Wine Corks.

I've been enjoying reading all of these end-of-years lists. I really like the Top 10 Most Irritating Phrases of 2008. Can you add any more?

PC Magazine has listed their Top 100 Classic Websites and Top 100 Undiscovered Websites. A few of my favorites from their lists are How Stuff Works, Fix Ya, Instructables, SnagFilms (for all of my kindred spirited documentary lovers), and Truveo.

Since I have been collecting unusual names for quite a few years now, I am always interested to hear what the most popular baby names are for a given time period. Nameberry has it all- a name of the day and a nice blog. I'm sorry but some of the names for babies that these celebrities are coming up with are just ridiculous.

Citeulike is a free service for managing and discovering scholarly references.

I've been spending some time searching on Hakia. I like it.

In my last post I mentioned the book Scrapbooks: An American History by Jessica Helfand. I think I forgot to mention she has a blog entitled The Daily Scrapbook. (and if I did mention it, it's certainly worth being mentioned twice).

Halfbakery is a communal database of fictitious inventions. People are incredibly imaginative.

Love this list of colors.

The Starfish Project collects the unused portion of people's antiretroviral drugs and sends them to Nigeria to people suffering from AIDS. They collect all sorts of medications so their site to see what they need.

Wonderful ice carvings.

Okay, May I live in one of these treehouses?

That's all for this week. Have a nice weekend.

"Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." —Janis Joplin

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