Thursday, May 22, 2008

Round Up

2009 will be the 200th annivesary of the birth of Charles Darwin. The Darwin Census is trying to count all of the extant copies of the 1st edition of the Origin of the Species. If you are one of the lucky folks to have a copy of this book contact the Darwin Census. The results will be published online. There will also be a 2009edition of this remarkable work published.

Library Thing has a group called I See Dead People's Books. This group has been entering the library catalogs of famous readers. Some of the famous that have been cataloged are Susan B. Anthony, W.H. Auden and Tupac Shakur. I'm providing the link for Tupac because I think some people will be surprised to learn that Tupac was such an avid reader. (if you aren't a member of LibraryThing you may not be able to open the link)

How would you like to travel the world by ear? Wild Sanctuary permits you to do just that. Click on either Google Maps or Free Earth and you can listen to the bells of Notre Dame Cathedral. (love tintinabulation).

I use every possible version of Sharpie available. Now you can have a personalized Sharpie with your very own message with My Sharpie.

We had a lilac bush in the ginormous yard of my childhood home. The scent of those flowers were amazing. Lilac is still one of my favorite scents. I would love to visit the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens.

I am really enjoying listening to canoe. Sort of a shock to me that I like this group. The whole indie rock thing has mostly passed be by.

If you are in the markets for either hooks or some parts for an old toilet look no further-The Hook Lady and This Old Toilet to your rescue.

Smithsonian Blogs.

The Tumble Bus, clever idea. Wish they had something like this for adults.

Interesting Flickr groups-the freezer paper stencil group (doing this on t-shirts is so much fun), Coffee Mugs and Librarian's Desks.

Have a wonderful weekend and a nice Memorial Day.

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