Friday, May 16, 2008

Round Up

Why don't women have cool handshakes like men? The brothers are always coming up with all of these creative handshakes/greetings and women don't seem to ever adopt them. (I'm only given men credit for these greetings until I learn otherwise). I have seen men greet themselves by shaking hands and then doing the shoulder bump thing.

I want us of the XX chromosomes to come up with some cool way to greet each other. Now, I'm a hugger. Even with my introversion, I still am fairly affectionate. There's a women that I work with that I am very fond of, but I don't see her very often. Whenever we happen to run into each other we always give each other a hug.

If anyone can come up with some cool greeting for the ladies let me know.

I remember when I was a little girl having this brownish color dress with all of this smocking on the top of it. At the time I hated that damn dress. I didn't like it until I grew out of it in 2nd grade and was wearing 6x. Do they still even make that size? It seemed so odd to write that and to even say, "I wore a 6x in 2nd grade." Anyway back to the smocking. Did you know that there is a Smockers Guild of America (SAGA)? There site seems to be a bit out of sorts, but apparently there are smockers guilds everywhere. Here's the Ottawa guilds site.

Coudal Partners has an exceptional site: Museum of Online Museums. Great directory.

The Library of Congress (LOC) has some of the best collections. Look at this collection of railroad maps.

What would we do without You Tube. If you want an easy explanation of what a wiki (quick in Hawaiian) is look at this video by Common Craft. Or this one explaining copyright using Disney characters. 2 of my favorites after the Evolution of Dance.

Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl has a scrubs collection. It's about time someone did this. I can't tell what the costs are for these, but they are very nice. When I was sporting scrubs we had 2 colors-blue and green. These are gorgeous. Love this one in orange. I have become nuts about orange lately.

I had never heard of microblooging or Twitter until this week. I'm not too sure I would have a lot of use for this, but it's kind of fun.

Boolify-boolean made fun.

If I were a pooch, I would want my humans to purchase my things at Fetch I would definitely want this booster food bowl. I have a bad back so I wouldn't have to bend down so much to gobble my organic kibble. And they have a wonderful selection of doggie beds.

That's all folks. Have a good weekend.

"We live in our desires rather than in our achievements." - George Moore

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