Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The other day I had a conversation with a co-worker about politics. Somehow we segued onto Gerald Ford and his modeling career. My co-worker mentioned that he modeled Arrow shirts, and I, as I do these days, had a jolt of memory about that.

But, I became curious. I searched the magic information highway for information about this and I couldn't find any information on what type of modeling he did.

I ended up emailing the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum. I was impressed with the timeliness of their response.

Here's the skinny: President Ford modeled for the Powers Agency and the Conover Modeling Agency when he was in law school at Yale. He modeled with this then girlfriend Phyllis Brown. There were a few other factoids, but no evidence that he modeled for Arrow Shirts.

Hmmm....If two people recall this, where did we get this information or misinformation? Does anyone recall this bit of trivia?

I think this might be a case for one of my favorite programs The History Detectives.

"The priceless galaxy of misinformation called the mind."
Djuna Barnes

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