Friday, January 04, 2008

7 Things

So, I'm a bit behind in reading the comments left on my blog. I so apologize Laundress. The Laundress has tagged me for the 7 weird/random things about me meme. I've mentioned the wondrous Dirty Laundry blog, written by said Laundress, many times.

7 weird/random things about me

Here are the rules:

Link to the person (i.e. Laundress) who tagged you.

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Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.

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Okay, I'll list 7 things about me, but I think I'll leave it to if anyone reading my blog wants to list their 7 random things they can.

Here goes: (I may have spoken about some of these things before-can't remember and too darn lazy to check)

1. I can't swim. I have taken swimming lessons. I have had numerous people including friends of both genders, my younger brother, and professionals trying to teach me to swim and I still can't do it. It's a goal that is always in the back of my mind,and I still want to learn. The problem is that I don't want to get my face wet. There I've said it.

2.I have a couple of weird fears. Water lilies and the garbage disposal. Why am I afraid of these? Who in the hell knows? Water lilies just freak me out. They are like some giant botanical platter. The garbage disposal terrifies me even if it's not on. I just think that it's going to some how suck my arm in there and gnaw it to bits.

3. When I was a child I refused to drink water that came from one of the bathroom faucets. I just thought it was gross. So whenever I was sick,and I was sick a lot, my poor mother would have to traipse all the way down to the kitchen and get me water. (what a brat I was about that).

4. I do not like the sun. I love the moon, hate the sun. I loathe being hot, don't want a tan and I wear sunglasses all year because that pesky bright orb hurts my eyes. I prefer cool/cold gray days to bright blue sunny days.

5. I could go through the rest of my life without having bread, cereal, added salt and nuts.

6. I love to bake and I could bake every day (if I wasn't the only one in my two-person home that would eat the baked goods). Cooking is another thing. I used to enjoy it, but now most of what I want to eat I can't have so I'm kind of pissed off at food these days.

7 One summer I lived on iced tea, Ritz Crackers with port wine cheese and melted cheese with mustard on it. Actually I could go for all of the above right now.

So there you are. Any folks who want to list their weirdness, go ahead. It's fun.


Rhea said...

Interesting stuff. You really ARE weird -- in a good way. I agree that the garbage disposal is scary. Having such a powerful, destructive thing in the house seems wrong.

The Laundress said...

Hi Libby,

Oh my. Water lilies? That is so weird it is just... adorable.

I like the moon way better than the sun too but could never live without nuts. Mmmm. Especially pistachios.

You don't like bread but love to bake? That is also rather unusual.

Um, is that Ritz cracker/iced tea/port wine cheese/mustard diet a weight loss program? If it is, I am going on it tomorrow.

Thanks for playing along! tl

Libby said...

Hi Laundress,

When I was eating my Ritz crackers/iced tea/port wine/cheese/mustard diet, I only weighed about 110 pounds. For some reason that whole summer that was the only thing I wanted to eat.

As an undergrad I developed a taste for french vanilla ice cream with pretzels and maple walnut ice cream with peanut butter. Hmmmm....

The Laundress said...


mmmmmmmMaple-walnut ice cream. mmmmmmm.