Friday, June 29, 2007

Round Up

It's a zorse, of course.

Found this article about the first lady's pin money interesting.

There's a new children's laureate-Michael Rosen.

Wonderful blog, American Indians in Children's Literature, by Native
American professor Debbie Reese.

The Man From Uncle is coming out in a DVD box set. Time Life will have for sale on their website, along with one of my favorites, Get Smart. Wish these weren't so expensive.

In case you are in any doubt about the Kleenex you are using, check out Greenpeaces' Kleercut page.

One of my favorite book blogs is Booklust. I've been reading her for years, but I don't think I've ever commented on it before. This is one very cool and talented woman. Plus, she's Canadian, and we all know how I love our friends to the North.

This past week I have been spending some of my free time adding to the Series Binder wiki. The Webster (NY) Public Library Children's Department created this wiki, but of course, anyone can add to it. You will need to get a sign-on id and a password. You will also receive instructions on how to add to the wiki. I'm having a ball, plus I love learning something new. I've added to Wiki's before, but I've never added pages, etc. Lot of fun.

In 1791 and 1792 boundary stones were placed to demarcate the boundaries of Washington, DC. The majority of the stones are still there. What a fun field trip this would be for a school group. Shoot, I think I would like to drive around and find all of these myself. Scroll down and click on each map marker. Very cool.

I learned a new word this week-necronym.

That's all for this week.

"We should every night call ourselves to an account: What infirmity have I mastered today? What passions opposed? What temptation resisted? What virtue acquired?" Seneca


patricia said...

Aw, shucks...thanks for the kind words!

Fig Newtons and scotch sounds like a mighty fine combination, by the way...


The Laundress said...

Hi Ms. Libby,

another fun round up and mostly new sites for me. Thank you!

Ah, and great minds think alike... I have been chipping away at a "zorse" post for awhile and here you have a lovely zorse picture!

Anonymous said...

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