Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I just had a conversation with a co-worker about many things, but we started talking about eggs. She asked me if I had ever eaten pickled eggs, and I said yes. They had a jar in a bar that I used to hang out in when I was an undergrad. They were purple, so I'm guessing and hoping they were pickled with beets. Ewww. Anywho, I emailed the friend that I thought I had shared the pickled-egg eating experience and she says she has no recollection about this. I even told her details and she doesn't remember. I'm LOL because I think both of us need a huge jug of estrogen. Oh, how I wish I had my old memory when I was so sure of myself. Now, I am always so unsure it's criminal. And I hate that more than I can say.

The egg discussion also included egg whites or egg yolks. I eat only the whites, and I probably have a hard-boiled egg white every day. How many of you are either or? We also discussed whether the yolk or egg has more protein? Once again, I knew I had to learn all about nutrition in nursing school, but I couldn't remember. I know that low-fat cooking and low fat food does not use egg yolks because that's where all of the fat is contained. So, I did some research and found out that the egg whites are indeed rich in protein. I hate when a hard-boiled egg has that green iron sulfide film. (go to the end of the article). One way I have found to avoid that is to put cold eggs into cold water, bring to a rolling boil and then take off of the heat. Cover and let stand for about 15 minutes. I sometimes leave them on the stove longer because I forget about them. No nasty green film.

"If you have an egg in the house, you have a meal." Mon's grandmother


Rhea said...

That memory loss thing gets me, too. Facts I've known all my life I can't recall.

Libby said...

I spent a great deal of time in tears over this. I still get upset about it, because people really aren't that kind when you are hemming and hawing around trying to think of things, and they also question your veracity because of your brain hiccups. I have no right to complain really, because things could be so much worse, but it's still annoying.