Friday, April 27, 2007

Round Up

Well, lo and behold I have to give a great big thanks and aw shucks to The Laundress for including Fig Newtons and Scotch in her blogs that make her think list. And I must say I read quite a few blogs and I have learned more from her site than any other. This woman can write and she has an interest in so many esoteric subjects. Give her a read and see if you don't become totally fascinated about something new.

I've been having fun following Barrington Irving's progress across the globe. This is an incredible young man. (when I say things like incredible young man that I feel extremely MATURE!!!!!). Here is the flight tracker and here is his blog.

I love Scandinavian design. I find it to be so pure, so simple, but elegant. One of my favorite Scandinavian designers Lotta Jansdotter has a blog.

The Amish have always fascinated me. No, I don't think they are cute or quaint or of the other silly terms people give to these groups, but I just find the culture to be so interesting. I have been reading about the Amish for years (as well as the Shakers, Hutterites and different communes) and was thrilled to find the very informative and well-written blog Amish America.

Now we all know that I am overly sensitive about this sort of thing, but I don't understand why people's credentials are not checked before they are hired for a job. This woman misrepresented her credentials (yes, she lied) and has been working as a dean of admissions at MIT for years and more than likely earning a great salary. She should have been fired when she was found out, but she had the wherewithal to quit. Good. Here's the fibbers website.

So you still have a lot of Easter Candy sitting around and you really want to do something with it-why not make the Leftover Easter Candy Cake?

I never realized when I was a kid that all eggs didn't look like the wonderful eggs that we got from Mr. and Mrs. Mills. I could write a whole entry on them. They were so sweet, especially Mrs. Mills and she was definitely from another time. Whenever I read anything about Tasha Tudor, I think of Mrs. Mills. I saw this New York Magazine and I thought of the Mills and their wonderful eggs. This is what an egg should look like.

Look at these cool 19th century shipping posters. They are actually Clipper cards. I love the typography and the detail on these is amazing. Also, check out these retro ship interiors.

Smooshi is in love.

Have a nice weekend.

"You may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can't fool all of the people all the time." Abraham Lincoln

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