Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Round Up


Even flowers that don't exactly wow me, fascinate me. A. and I have been buying flowers and bushes for our yard and the multitude of plants available is astounding. You can literally drive yourself crazy trying to decide. My favorite flower has always been peonies, and roses come a very close second. I have never been a huge fan of any variation of lilies, except for possibly tiger lilies. Until I saw these Casablanca Lilies. Absolutely took my breath away.

I was just in the drug store and the man in front of me had 1 item-a box of the antihistamine Claritin-D. Now the line was very long, only one cashier for the early morning rush. The cashier whips out this notebook and tells the man that he will need to sign his name and write down his address. The 3 guys that were behind me starting talking about this. One of them said he was a school teacher and he indicated that kids buy Claritin and sell it, etc. Good grief. When I was a kid the last thing I would have been doing with my allowance was spending it on drugs. Make-up, earrings, the latest copy of Tiger Beat, paperback Jane Austen novels, that's what I was spending my money on. I actually take Claritin, but very rarely. Antihistamines help with my allergies, but they also increase my appetite. So buckets of water have to pour from my eyes and a whole sneezing session needs to occur before I will take anything anymore.

The little high school that I attended did not offer very many electives. I hope that has changed. Home Ec and Wood Shop were about it. I took a year of Home Ec, the sewing portion, and thought they must be kidding. 2 of my friends and myself lobbied to take Wood Shop and we were the first females in the history of the school to ever take shop. I enjoyed using the jigsaw, much more than the sewing machine. The first year of the sewing class I made an apron. I have always liked aprons so that didn't bother me so much. We were supposed to give these to our mothers for Mother's Day. Mine did not turn out too badly and I haven't asked my Mom if she still has it, but she probably does. If you like aprons take a look at Apron Chronicles. It's wonderful and I got choked up reading some of the oral histories and looking at the wonderful aprons. If you are in the market for some new, very glam aprons check out KitschnGlam.

I can remember my grandparents claw foot tub like it was yesterday. I always felt like I was on my own little private island when I was taking a bath in it. Alas, I don't have a clawfoot tub now, but often pretend that I do. For you lucky folks that do have these lovelies clawfoot supply probably has all of the accesseries and other accoutrements you could ever desire.

Have a nice weekend.

"Long time ago, people weren't dressed until they put on an apron. When my mother passed, she was wearing an apron". Ada Florence Ashford from Apron Chronicles.

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