Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Whining and Tupelo Honey

Before I even start on my whining session I will state these things:

I know that things could be worse.

I know that every woman has to go through this.

I know that it's just a natural part of life.

Those things being said-I AM SICK, SICK, SICK of going through the FREAKIN' CHANGE OF LIFE. I am sick of the embarassing hot flashes, I am sick of the night sweats, the weight gain, the never feeling like yourself. Most of all I am sick to the point of daily tears of not having my memory or my words.

Even though I am not a "people person" I still had the ability to carry on a decent conversation with people. I love words and I had the ability to use them. I also had an excellent memory and never had to spend my time searching, searching, searching my brain for the correct words. And this whole process just makes me a nervous wreck. And this has been going on for 7 years. 7 freakin' years. And to add insult to injury for the past year or so I've become a repeater. My girlfriend told me this was one of her mothers problems when she was going through the "change". She would say something and then minutes later say the exact same thing. I didn't even realize I was doing this until I caught myself one day. I asked my sweetie if he noticed this annoyance and he said that he noticed it, but I don't do it all the time. Tactful man that one.

Perhaps if I had chosen Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) as a way to deal with this I would be better off. I wouldn't have turned into a non-remembering, sweaty, repeating frump. I would be like I used to be. Older, but not like this. Aging gracefully-I'm raging gracefully. I think aging gracefully is for women who have a lot of disposable income and can spend their time going from doctor to doctor, spa to spa. Unfortunately I am not one of those women.

I guess I am finished ranting. It's not going to change anything that's for sure. Do I feel better. Maybe a teeny, tiny bit.

Now to lighter subjects.

I started watching Veronica Mars late in the season. And now I am a huge fan. It's actually the only show that I really look forward to watching. (I still like Gilmore Girls, but I actually am getting a bit bored with it). Now I understand that Warner will be releasing a DVD of the first season. There had been some media scuttlebutt that they weren't, but now it appears that they are. The wonderful TV SHows on DVD has the skinny.

I love words. One facet of words that I love are names. I have a Interesting Place Names list and I have noticed that quite a few of the list entries are from the state of Florida. Now of course we all know how fun it is to say Tallahassee, but what about Wewahitchka. Such mellifluousness. And what may you ask is Wewahitchka's claim to fame. Why it's the Tupelo Honey Capital of the World.

Wewahitchka is located in the handle of the "panhandle" of Florida and is the only place in the world where tupelo honey is produced commercially.

Tupelo honey is so rare that it is state-certified.
This light, golden amber honey takes its characteristics from the tupelo tree's blossoms. This honey is the only honey that won't crystallize naturally. I wonder if this means that after you use the honey a few times you will be able to actually open the jar without popping some blood vessels. This honey also possesses a high laevulose, low dextrose ratio that makes it a sweetener that diabetics can use. Uh huh. Anywho, the Wewahitchkans host an annual festival to celebrate this "liquid gold".

I found out about tupelo honey and Wewahitchka in the latest issue of Grit. My family subscribed to Grit when I was growing up. It's changed quite a bit since then, but it still has these cute, quirky stories that I love, generally about people living authentic lives. Oh, how I envy them.

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