Friday, September 25, 2009

Round Up

Diggin' Glee.

Next week (September 26-October 3, 2009) is Banned Book Week. Here is a list (you have to do some clicking from the selections on the left-hand side) of the frequently challenged books. Read a banned book. Be a devil-read it in public.

Also, here is a very cool interactive map of locations where book banning has occurred.

Oh, my fickle heart. First it was Mario Cuomo. I would go miles to hear him read his grocery list aloud. Then it was Barack Obama. I felt bad cheating on Mario like that, but I just could not help myself. Now my fickle heart has strayed once more. I worry about myself because the men just keep getting younger. If you haven't heard 5th grade orator Dalton Sherman, you really should listen to him. Then you will know why my heart has strayed-again.

It is the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage.

What does an actuary do?

Cushing Academy you should be ashamed. And I mean hang your head down shame. Just looking at the photograph upsets me.

Look at some of the beautiful envelopes from the winners of the Graceful Envelope Contest (click on the names).

These leaf litter toads are incredible. In fact, I find any animal that seamlessly blends into its environment amazing.

Crime Scene Adhesive Bandages.

Excited to find another pen lover-Pen Addict.

Oh, how I would love to have this spooky house. For the past few years I have been going ga-ga over little felt houses. Mahar Dry Goods has nice unusual items.

Ana Serrano's Cartonlandia is the bomb. I can just look at it for hours. I would have looked at it for hours as a kid, and I would still look at it for hours.

I was reading some online recipes the other day and saw an ingredient I had never hear of before-Chia Gel. Of course all I could think of is that soon we will be ienundated with commercials for Chia Pets-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pets. And yes, Chia Gel is made form Chia seeds. And as you read the article you learn how to make your own chia gel.

And speaking of food-check out the photograph and accompanying recipe for Fig Spread, Pear and Brie Flatbread. I would love to just sit in a large, comfy chair by the fire, reading a good book, something nice to drink by my side, my autumnal tarts lending a nice scent to the air. In comes my butler Asquith with my lunch of Fig Spread, Pear and Brie Flatbreadl. Ahhhh.......

Ferrante and Teicher , The Grand Twins of the Grand Piano, were pianists known for their lighter versions of classical masterpieces. This is elevator music, but great elevator music. My mom and gran loved the duo and I listened to them quite a bit when I was a kid.

Louis Teicher passed away in August of 2008. He was 83. Arthur Ferrante just passed away on September 19th of this year. He was 88. The two met while attending Juillard School of Music in New York. They had a career that spanned 50 years.

I leave you with these two very talented gentlemen playing Autumn Leaves.

Have a great weekend. If you are in the WDC area come to the National Book Festival.

"You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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