Monday, June 15, 2009

Round Up

Okay, okay, I know. I said that I wasn't a fan of Twitter. I already had a username and password from a project I was working on, but I never really became passionate about posting. But something has changed. I had a huge epiphany last week. I was sick most of last week, and still have this lingering asthma hack and wheeze, but basically I feel better. Can we blame my newfound love of Twitter on illness, oxygen deprivation, too much Albuterol? Who knows? I just know that I like it now. If you want to read any of my tweets (and really there is nothing too, too exciting) you can at:

The AFI Silver Docs Festival starts this week in Silver Spring, Maryland. If you are a documentary fan then you must try and see some of the many wonderful documentaries that will be shown. I got the schedule a couple of weeks ago and started putting a checkmark by the ones that I must see. I have 26 checked.

The Holocaust Museum has set up a special fund for slain officer Stephen Johns' family.

Some of my must sees: Act of God a doc about people who have been struck by lightening, The Apprentice, a doc about a boy who studies at an international school in a town near the French-Swiss border. He begins an internship on a small farm where he learns real-world experience, Our Forbidden Places is a documentary about a 2004 law established in Morocco to investigate the state-sponsored disappearance of many citizens after the country won indenpendence in 1956. It received 30, 000 applicatinos for reparation. This doc follows four families as they seek the truth about their lost relatives, The Time of Their Lives, a documentary about 3 vibrant women who live in a home for active seniors in North London and Nutkins Last Stand, a short about agressive American brown squirrels that threaten to annihilate Britain's beloved red squirrels. International effort to find solutions to the climate crisis. This organizaton wants to raise awareness of the need to decrease carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million.


Many wonderful uses for my beloved card catalogs.

100 Great Resources for Design Inspiration

Love this stave church, but I think this is my favorite. And this has nothing to do with stave churches, but I found a story about Katherine Hepburn leaving money in her will to a tiny church in Maryland.

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government 2009 report is out.

If you are in need of some cool reading glasses check out Eyebobs.

Cool yearbook giftwrap.

Search Google and Twitter simultaneously-Twootles.

Dead URL

The fabulous TED has First Lady Michelle Obama's speech on Education to some London schoolgirls. Give it a listen, it is well worth the time.

I think most of us already know these 10 obscure Google search tips, but we may have forgotten a few.

NPR took a look back at some of the first space travelers-monkeys.

The Uniform Project-1 Dress, 365 days.

Most frequently looked up words on New York

The Anne Frank Museum will display her actual diaries.

That's all. Have a great week.

"Next time your mad, try dancing out your anger."-Sweetpea Tyler

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