Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kanye and Stroopwafels

Kanye West will never know it, but "I got his back".

So finally the Prez came out and said these people weren't refugees. I have been complaining about this since the bozo started calling the hurricane victims that. Of course we all know what that's all about. If the majority of these people were white the word "refugee" would have never crossed his pea-size brain.
Somehow people's bigotry always finds a way to present itself. I am just so sick of all of the covert ways people find to cover their bigotry. Kind of like my place of work.

On another note to lighten the tone of this entry a bit I found a new treat. I have never been one for store-bought cookies. I had a baking mother and grandmother and I have always baked. Sure, when I was an undergrad my girlfriends and I would pig out on a bag of Chips Ahoy and Zingers, but that was in school where store-bought, high hydrogenated fats were queen.

A friend of mine was telling me about Stroopwafels. These Dutch treats are 2 very thin waffley cookies with a caramel filling sandwiched between the two waffles. Apparently they are called treacle wafers, caramel cookies wafers and syrup wafers. I love typing and saying Stroopwafel.

My friend is a big hot tea drinker and she said that she puts her Stroopwafel on top of her hot, steaming tea to melt the caramel. Well, I am not a hot drink person, but I wanted to try these cookies so I bought a box a Whole Foods and thought what the heck, I'll make some tea.

I put the Stroopwafel on top, hoping that no crumbs would get in the tea. That would totally gross me out. (yes, I'm 6) I just let it sit there for a minute or so. When I took the cookie off of my teacup the cookie was starting to bend so I thought great, I've achieved melted caramel.

These are very nice. Now they aren't my usual chocolate, but they are a nice, light treat. Even though I am not a hot drink person these were very nice with tea.

Here is some information on Stroopwafels. Here is some more information on this treat. The brand I purchased are Sandy Maple Farm Organic Stroopwafels that apparently does not have a website.

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