Friday, May 06, 2011

Round Up

R.I.P. Phoebe Snow

R.I.P. Jackie Cooper

R.I.P. Almena Lomax

I am in awe of botanical artists.

Tomorrow, May 7th is National Train Day.

Book: A is for Atticus: Baby Names from Great Books (Hachette) by Lorilee Craker.

Book: Farm (Orchard Books) by Elisha Cooper.

Book: Science Fair Season: Twelve Kids and a Robot Named Scorch....and What It Takes to Win (Hyperion) by Judy Dutton.

Literature published posthumously.

I love the story behind the name of Mortgage Lifter Tomato.

Diggin'- Hall's Defense Vitamin C Supplement Drops with Assorted Citrus Flavor.

Vending machines are dispensing more than soda and candy bars.

Love these Eva Grace aprons.

Oliver's Peoples has a some cute eyeglass designs. They are carrying a copy of the eyeglasses that Gregory Peck wore in To Kill a Mockingbird. Lovely story about how this came to be.

Cool other-worldly plant llareta.

Sculptor Thad Mosely.

While I was waiting for my commuter bus the other day. I noticed the elm tree?? had a tag on it with the numbr 1163 or 1168. I started wondering if I could track this number and find out information on the tree. So far I have found this Washington, DC tree map, and for now that is as far as I have gone with this. I will keep you updated when I complete my quest.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there.

"He who breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom." Gandalf

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