Friday, December 10, 2010

Round Up

R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen-You made me laugh so very much!!

R.I.P.-Elizabeth Edwards-dignity, courage and grace.

50 Books about Books

Is there any cooler historical society than the Wisconsin Historical Society? I think not. I actually have a huge crush on their press. They publish so many interesting (to me anyway) books-People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin's Love Affair with an Ancient Fish by Kathleen Schmitt Kline (I have this awaiting me on interlibrary loan at my local public library) and Penny Loafers and Bobby Pins: Tales and Tips from Growing Up in the 50's and 60's by Susan Sanvidge, et al.

A 9,400 word definition for the word "Information."

I really like this colorful African Folklore embroidery.

A Year of Giving-maybe there are angels amongst us.

It would be great to see some of the tomes in the Lambeth Palace (the Archbishop of Canterbury's crib) Library.

I've spoken of my love for Persephone Books before. I even like their address: 59 Lambs Conduit Street.

Museums dedicated to the art of illustration:
National Museum of American Illustration
Museum of American Illustration
Norman Rockwell Museum
Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
I would love to visit all of the above, but the Eric Carle Museum is first on my list to visit.

Hmmm-Chocolate Donut Beer.

If you have not had the pleasure of seeing Disney's Prep and Landing (animated Christmas movie) you can watch on Hulu. You are in for a treat.

I want a Bookworm Badge.

Books-Otis (Philomel/Penguin) by Loren Long, The Phone Book: The Curious History of the Book That Everyone Use, but Nobody Reads (Perigree/Penguin) by Ammon Shea, the man who Read the OED, and Couples: An Eclectic View (MustSeeBooks)by Max Fallon.

Diggin' this recycled sweater journal.

Sweet potato butter-this appeals to me on so many levels.

Pretty-gilt decorated books.

Urban Moonshine Organic Maple Bitters.

Dictator lit.

Librarian lit.

Top 10 female detectives.

I'm sure by now you have all seen the adorable duo Pomplamoose and their Christmassy Hyundai commercial. You also must see their equally adorable rendition of Earth, Wind and Fire's September. (I'm having problems embedding the video here).

Wonderful project-Operation Photo Rescue.

Good Grief!! They exhumed Tycho Brahe last month.

A disposable camera was given to every carrier that works for the Royal Mail and they were asked to take photographs of every day life on their various routes.

Have a wonderful weekend.

"Winter came down to our home one night. Quitetly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow." Bill Morgan Jr.

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