Friday, July 30, 2010

Round Up

I think I may have to make this sweet gum wreath this year for the holidays. Every year I try and make a new wreath and I think this might be this years craft.

Library and Archival Collections on the Web-this is an excellent listing and one could spend hours perusing the various collections.

Oh goody-a Nancy Drew blog.

NPR journalists asked female musicians what it's like to be a musician today.

I have a very nice commute into DC every day. I go through a very nice part of DC to get to my boring job. I've noticed various historic markers on my way to work, but the problem is I can't read most of them as I whiz by on the bus. There is one particular marker that is driving me nuts, because it is on 16th street on the corner of an ordinary-looking home. All I can see is that there is a man's face on the marker. I also see various beautiful buildings and jot down there addresses so I can look them up on Internet when I get to work. I'm glad these gorgeous buildings don't readily announce what they are, but it just sparks my curiosity bug.

This happened this morning. I had noticed this building on a previous trek, but I kept forgetting to jot down the addess. This morning I remembered-2460 16th Street, NW. I found out that this is the Council for Professional Recognition. Yup, that's what I said. What do they do? Well, luckily they have a mission statement on the site.

But, that wasn't the cool part of my early morning detective work. I ended up clicking on a few more results from my address search and I ended up here at the Historical Marker Database. Who knew there was such a thing? Could this database possibly assist me in my quest to find out who my mystery man is on the marker in the yard? Yes, it did. This was Frank Reeves home and that is his nice fact that I almost see every morning. History Detectives watch out!!

I love that you can add your own photos of historical markers to the database. I am a maniac about reading markers every where I go. I used to drive my family crazy with it. Wait until I tell them it's not just me!

Register your bicycle at the National Bike Registry.

This is Blood Falls located in Antarctica. Here is the explanation for the red? You know you want to know.

1,000 Recordings to Listen to Before You Die. I haven't perused the entire list, but so far I haven't listened to very many of these. I better get busy. And lets face it, some of them I'm never going to listen to-ABBA-I simply can't.

Or what about 100 classic love songs.

Bring old rugs back to life with salt.

Have you heard of Maria Telkes? She was a Hungarian-American scientist who worked on solar energy technologies. She became known as the Sun Queen. I came across her name in a mystery I was reading and decided to find out more about her.

Science magazine has the Breakthrough of the Year Award. The award acknowledges the most significant scientific breakthrough of the that year. The award used to be called the Molecule of the Year Award. I think I like that better.

I like this poetry rug.

BRAVO!! 18 bookstores in Charlotte, North Carolina are donating money to help keep libraries open.

That's all for this week folks. Have a Happy Weekend.

"It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is, What are we busy about?" Henry David Thoreau

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astollenlife said...

I found your blog listed in the Washington Post late last week and had to write and tell you how much I've enjoyed reading it. You really run the gamut of fascinating, fun and noteworthy stuff. So happy you found the Nancy Drew blog for me, too!